Which Autobots are still alive?

Which Autobots are still alive?

By the end of The Last Knight, all surviving Autobots (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Cogman, Daytrader, Hot Rod, Sqweeks, Wheelie, Topspin, Roadbuster, Brains, Mirage/Dino, Trench, Bulldog, Grimlock, Slug, the Mini Dinobots, HMS Alliance Autobot and the Knights of Iacon) finally leave Earth and …

Where did the cube come from Transformers?

The AllSpark in Hoover Dam Generations later, when the Cybertronian War between the Autobots and the Decepticons began for control of the AllSpark, Optimus Prime launched the Cube into deep space in a last-ditch attempt to keep it out of Decepticon hands.

Is g1 Sideswipe dead?

Sideswipe was expelled from Earth along with the other Autobots and was thought to have perished when Starscream destroyed the Xanthium. He participated in the final battle in Chicago. He was captured by the Decepticons and witnessed the death of Que….Transfomers Cinematic Universe.

Affiliation Autobot

Is Sideswipe red alert?

Generations Red Alert is a retool of Universe Sideswipe. To differentiate him from the Henkei!

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How much was Shia LaBeouf paid for Transformers?

Labeouf played Sam Witwicky in the “Transformers” movies. He starred in the first three instalments of the series, and made $21 million. His asking salary for the fourth film, “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction,” was denied.

Is Sideswipe good or bad?

Sideswipe is a heroic Decepticon and former evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass continuity family. In the mirrorverse, Sideswipe is a good guy! As a result, Sideswipe joined the heroic Decepticons. He now fights against Prime and all his evil Autobots, though for different reasons than his new comrades.

Is red alert a medic?

The medic is an Allied support infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Counterstrike, The Aftermath, and Retaliation. They are unarmed infantry units who can heal other friendly infantry units….Medic (Red Alert 1)

Produced by Allied barracks
Speed 4
Sight range 3

What car is red alert?

This must be a Decepticon plot! Transforming into a Lamborghini Countach Fire Chief’s car, Red Alert’s toy is a redeco of the Diaclone “New Countach LP500S Police Car”, which was a retool that added roof lights to the original Diaclone “New Countach LP500S”, which was the mold used to make Sideswipe.

Who is Megatron’s brother?

Optimus Prime
Both leaders landed in the middle of an intersection, but Megatron was the first to recover and leaped upon his brother, snarling that the humans were undeserving of life. Optimus Prime replied that they had the right to choose for themselves before he threw his brother off.