Where is Pradeep Rawat from?

Where is Pradeep Rawat from?

Jabalpur, India
Pradeep Rawat/Lugar de nacimiento

Is Pradeep Rawat from Uttarakhand?

Pradeep Rawat – Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal Univeristy, Srinagar, Garhwal – Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India | LinkedIn.

What is the age of Pradeep Rawat?

69 años (21 de enero de 1952)
Pradeep Rawat/Edad

Who is Ghajini movie villain?

Pradeep Rawat
Remember Pradeep Rawat, who played a dreadful villain ‘Ghajini’ in Aamir Khan’s blockbuster Ghajini, named after the villain’s name, is back to send a shiver down your spine, with his villainous act …

Who is villain in Ghajini?

villain Pradeep Rawat
Mumbai:Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ may be running to packed houses, but not many know that it was the film’s villain Pradeep Rawat who got the superstar interested in the movie that was originally made in Tamil. ‘Aamir Khan usually has Diwali parties at his house.

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Which Bollywood actors wife is from Fiji?

Early life. Rishi was born in Kathua, Jammu. After his graduation from Government College, Sector 11, Chandigarh, and working for two years in Mumbai, Rishi went to work in Fiji where he met his wife of Fijian-Indian descent. Her family ran a traditional departmental store.

Who is the daughter of Mukesh Rishi?

Mukesh Rishi Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Affairs/Girlfriends N/A
Wife/Spouse Keshni Rishi
Marriage Date Not Known
Children Son- Raghav Rishi (Actor) Daughter- Not Known

Who defeated Ghazni 17 times?

Forgotten Chandela Rajput King Vidhyadhara and the story of how he stopped Ghazni’s advance in India. When we talk about the expeditions of Mahmud Ghazni ,we seem to only give importance to the fact that he invaded India 17 times and plundered the temples, thier huge wealth and took slaves through these barbaric raids.

Who is smiling queen in India?

The smiling queen Keerthy suresh different shades of smile faces …so adorable | Cute girl face, Stylish photo pose, Most beautiful indian actress.

Pradeep Rawat/Place of birth

69 years (January 21, 1952)
Pradeep Rawat/Age

What is the height of Mukesh Rishi?

1.85 m
Mukesh Rishi/Height

Who is the son of Mukesh Rishi?

Raghav Rishi
Mukesh Rishi/Sons

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Who is the father of Mukesh Rishi?

Mukesh Rishi Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Debut TV: The Sword of Tipu Sultan (1990) Malayalam Film: Gandharvam (1992)
Family Father- Not Known Mother- Not Known Brother- Not Known Sister- Not Known
Religion Hinduism
Address Mumbai, India

Which is the first movie of Pradeep Rawat?

Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat was notable for his performances in movies like Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Ghajini (2005) and Ghajini (2008). Pradeep Rawat got married to Kalyani Rawat.

Who is the actor Pradeep Singh Rawat married to?

Pradeep Singh Rawat is an actor, known for Ghajini (2008), 1 – Nenokkadine (2014) and Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001). He is married to Kalyani Rawat. See full bio » Did You Know?

Where did Pradeep Rawat work as a bank clerk?

Before entering the film industry, he worked as a bank clerk at the U.C.O Bank, Wright Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Check out below for Pradeep Rawat Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Movie List, Images. Pradeep Rawat was born on 21st January of 1952 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Who is the wife of Pradeep Rawat in Mahabharat?

Pradeep Rawat got married to Kalyani Rawat. Oy! Mahabharat (1988–90)…. Ashwatthama (Credited as Pradeep sarangi) Read other Biographies: Vicky Kaushal | Musskan Sethi | Nathalia Kaur | Papri Ghosh | Shreeradhe | Shruti Seth | Ananya Pandey | Akanksha Puri | Mouni Roy | Karthi | Manchu Vishnu | Srinish Aravind | Amit Tiwari

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