Where is Kopi Sotiropulos?

Where is Kopi Sotiropulos?

Kopi is a Greek-born American character actor, television news personality and longtime weatherman who served as the weekly evening news weatherperson for KMPH-TV in, Fresno, California. He is now co-anchoring, along with Kim Stephens, and doing weather for the station’s Great Day weekday morning talk/news program.

Did Kopi Sotiropulos retire?

He reports the weather and co-anchors, along with Kim Stephens, the station’s Great Day weekday morning talk/news program….

Kopi Sotiropulos
Occupation Actor, voice artist, TV weatherman and meteorologist
Years active 1970–present

Who is kopi the dog?

Kopi was Thinknoodles’ pet dog. Kopi has made an appearance in multiple videos, whether it be a bark in the distance, a real-life video, or helping Think with adventures in his Minecraft series, Think’s Lab. She was born on November 5, 2006, and passed away on December 10, 2020, after 14 years.

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How did kopi the dog die?

Beloved dog Kopi-O of Singapore’s Pulau Ubin dies in accident, fans mourn his death (VIDEO) The dog called Kopi-O apparently died after being involved in a hit and run incident on Wednesday (February 3). Kopi-O’s death was shared by Facebook user Terence Tan through a post on a Facebook page.

Does StacyPlays swear?

Lil’ StacyPlays is an abandoned channel that Stacy never used. It was apparently supposed to be used for her much younger viewers. It was probably created because, at the time, there was occasional swearing in some of her videos.

Is Thinknoodles dog still alive?

Does Funneh swear?

She is really funny…that is probably why her name is Funneh! , SHE IS THE BEST! She never swears and includes inappropriate content in her videos.

Does Eystreem swear?

The Minecraft devotee produces about three videos a week of “family-friendly” gaming content. “I think that’s part of my success. I’m not swearing or saying offensive things, so parents are happy for their kids to watch my channel,” he said.

Does Itsfunneh have a boyfriend?

Does funneh have a boyfriend? No!!! SHE’S SINGLE!!! No, but she has an ex named kai.

Does the Krew cuss?

The KREW, as far as their watchers have known, don’t use any swear words on their videos, since their YouTube audience is mostly below 13 years old, but they might say some off-screen as they might have a different personalities outside of YouTube.

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Does ItsFunneh have a boyfriend?

Does ItsFunneh swear?

ItsFunneh and the Krew don’t use profanity or discuss adult-themed topics, and they keep a generally lighthearted and fun vibe on all their videos.

Does DraconiteDragon have a girlfriend?

DraconiteDragon Dating & Girlfriend James might have dated someone earlier, but, he has not spoken about it publicly. However, as of now, he is focusing on his career and developing his skills. However, possibly he is single and doesn’t have a sweetheart at the moment.

Does Funneh have a boyfriend?

Who is ItsFunneh ex boyfriend?

James Ashton is a former Yandere High student, and the ex-boyfriend of Liv. He is currently in jail for falsely murdering Valerie Maki in a house fire.

Who is Draco from Funneh girlfriend?

DraconiteDragon Wiki

DraconiteDragon Wiki/Bio
Girlfriend/Dating Single
Siblings PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, ItsFunneh and LunarEclipse
Wife Unmarried
Net Worth $3 million

Does Funneh have boyfriend?

Is Draco ItsFunneh’s brother?

The Krew usually plays Minecraft and ROBLOX, along with a gaming video every Saturday. They tend to do roleplays such as Yandere High and Roblox Family. The whole Krew are siblings. They are all from Canada and each have their own channels.