Where is Huw Stephens?

Where is Huw Stephens?

Huw will remain part of the BBC Radio family, continuing to host across BBC Radio Cymru and 6 Music. Phil Taggart’s first national slot on Radio 1 came in 2013, taking on a late night weekday show with then co-host Alice Levine after two years presenting regional Radio 1 show BBC Introducing in Northern Ireland.

How old is Huw Stephens?

40 years (25 May 1981)
Huw Stephens/Age

Who is replacing Huw Stephens?

In a big shake-up, Greg James is returning to the Breakfast show five days a week, while Dev, Phil Taggart and Huw Stephens are all leaving. Three new names – Joel Mitchell, Mollie Finn and Fee Mak – will take turns hosting Early Breakfast on Fridays.

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Where is Steffan Powell from?

Amman Valley
Steffan is from the Amman Valley, and has previously presented other high profile programmes like the BBC’s Proms in the Park and hosted Radio 1’s iPlayer factual entertainment series The Gaming Show. He also stands-in to host BBC Radio Wales’ Phone-In show.

What’s happened to Phil Taggart?

Northern Irish DJ and radio presenter Phil Taggart has said that he is leaving his role at BBC Radio 1 at the end of this year. The 33-year-old presenter, who is originally from Omagh, had been part of the station for ten years, nine of which have been in broadcasting.

What is Huw short for?

Huw is a Welsh given name, a variant of Hugo or Hugh. Notable people with the name include: Huw Bennett (born 1983), Welsh rugby union footballer.

Who are the current Radio 1 DJS?

The first guest presenter takeover of this kind took place in 2019, with three presenters from the cohort since securing subsequent presenting roles on Radio 1: Sian Eleri, who will become the new host of BBC Music Introducing on Radio 1 in January, and Joel Mitchell and Fee Mak, who will each take a turn at hosting …

Who is Huw Stephens dad?

Meic Stephens
Huw Stephens/Fathers

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Who is Dev Griffin dating?

Strictly’s Dianne Buswell and Dev Griffin make first appearance since controversial exit… as dancer admits she’s ‘upset’ for her ballroom partner. Their Sunday night ousting from Strictly Come Dancing sent shockwaves throughout the ballroom show’s dedicated fan base, with many branding their exit a ‘fix’.

What is Dev Griffin doing now?

Devin Joseph Jordan Griffin (born 23 December 1984) is a British radio presenter, DJ and actor, who is most commonly known for his former weekend afternoon shows on BBC Radio 1. Since January 2nd, he now presents a weekend show on Heart.

What time is Newsbeat on?

Newsbeat is produced by BBC News but differs from the BBC’s other news programmes in its remit to provide news tailored for a specifically younger audience. The fifteen-minute Newsbeat programme is broadcast at 12:45 and 17:45 during the week on Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network.

Why did Hugh Stevens leave radio1?

Huw Stephens is also leaving Radio 1 after hosting BBC Music Introducing since 2018, as well as weekend shows. And Phil Taggart said: ‘Radio 1 gave me a platform to share my music taste, new discoveries, emerging scenes and most importantly support artists at that early stage of their career.

Who has left Radio 1?

Nick Grimshaw
BBC Radio 1’s drivetime host Nick Grimshaw is leaving the station after 14 years. Vick Hope and Jordan North will co-host a new drivetime show on the network.

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What does Huw mean in Welsh?

In Welsh Baby Names the meaning of the name Huw is: A thinker. Intelligent.

Is Scott Mills married?

Scott Mills/Has Current Partner

Does Nick Grimshaw still do Radio 1?

BBC Radio 1’s drivetime host Nick Grimshaw is leaving the station after 14 years. Vick Hope and Jordan North will co-host a new drivetime show on the network. Grimmy, 36, said: “My childhood dream was to work on Radio 1 and I have been lucky enough to make that dream come true.

What does Cofiwch Dryweryn mean in English?

Remember Tryweryn
Cofiwch Dryweryn (English: “Remember Tryweryn”) or Y Wal Cofiwch Dryweryn (English: “The Remember Tryweryn Wall”) is a graffitied stone wall near Llanrhystud, Ceredigion, Wales.

Who is Dev Griffin wife?

Strictly Come Dancing stars and fans have been left in shock over the latest couple’s exit. It was BBC Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin and pro partner Dianne Buswell who had to say goodbye to the ballroom despite impressing the judges during Saturday night’s live show.