Where is he Joyce Carol Oates summary?

Where is he Joyce Carol Oates summary?

“Where Is Here” is a short story that tells the journey of an old man who appears on the front porch of a family of 4. The stranger knocks and a man opens the door, the father. He asks what the stranger needs and the stranger explains that the house once belonged to his parents and that he grew up there.

Which Joyce Carol Oates book should I read first?

A great novel to start with is “The Gravedigger’s Daughter” as it really encapsulates some of her most persistent themes and it is written in a form of psychological realism which is her most frequent narrative form.

What is considered Joyce Carol Oates best novel?


1 We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates 3.73 avg rating — 95,661 ratings score: 2,562, and 26 people voted
2 Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates really liked it 4.00 avg rating — 10,296 ratings score: 2,061, and 21 people voted

What does Joyce Carol Oates write about?

Joyce Carol Oates, pseudonyms Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly, (born June 16, 1938, Lockport, New York, U.S.), American novelist, short-story writer, and essayist noted for her vast literary output in a variety of styles and genres. Particularly effective are her depictions of violence and evil in modern society.

Does Connie die in where are you going?

Connie is compelled to leave with him and do what he demands of her. The story ends as Connie leaves her front porch; her eventual fate is left ambiguous.”

Why does Connie finally go outside as Arnold demands?

Arnold instructs Connie to come outside and says she is better than her family because they would not sacrifice themselves for her, as she is about to sacrifice herself for them.

How much is Joyce Carol Oates worth?

The Pulitzer Prize nominated author, Joyce Carol Oates has an estimated net worth of $19 million. Since her debut in 1963, Oates has published over 50 novels, three of which were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Where does Joyce Carol Oates live?

Princeton, New Jersey
Today, Joyce Carol Oates continues to live and write in Princeton, New Jersey, where she is Distinguished Professor of Humanities at Princeton University.

Does Joyce Carol Oates still run?

Oates still runs along “a country road that goes up a hill” where she feels “there will be ideas waiting for me …

Do with me what you will Summary?

DO WITH ME WHAT YOU WILL is a drama of Elena’s marriage and infidelity. It is also the story of her liberation through love. Premeditated crime: the longer the meditation, the dreaming, the more triumphant the execution.

How many hours a day does Joyce Carol Oates write?

eight hours a day
You can’t be anxious every minute of every day for eight months.” Oates’s extraordinary work ethic – she writes eight hours a day – is such that we now have a virtual sub-genre of literature that we might call “where to start with Joyce Carol Oates”.

Why does Arnold say Connie has blue eyes?

Connie is part of Arnold Friend’s twisted fantasy. While he claims to love her, she is simply the latest young girl filling the role of his lover. For him it makes no difference if a girl has blue eyes, as in the song, or brown eyes like Connie’s.

What does Arnold friend symbolize?

Arnold Friend Symbolizes the Devil in Where are you Going, Where Have you been? Arnold Friend clearly symbolizes the devil through his physical traits, his knowledge of Connie, and his power over her kind of like he was hypnotizing her to go with him. First, Arnold Friend’s physical traits portray him as Satan.

Who is the highest earning female writer?

The 20 Richest Authors in the World

  • Nigel Blackwell.
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford.
  • Danielle Steel. Net Worth: $310 Million.
  • Nora Roberts. Net Worth: $390 Million.
  • Stephen King. Net Worth: $400 Million.
  • James Patterson. Net Worth: $560 Million.
  • J.K. Rowling. Net Worth: $1 Billion.
  • Elisabeth Badinter. Net Worth: $1.3 Billion.

    Do with me what you will theme?

    Once again Miss Oates is concerned with crime and punishment, the innocent murderer and the guilty victim (the title is a cruel irony). And this time sex, marriage and the law (with its tribal ethos) share doomed connections.

    Who said this line do with me what you will?

    Joyce Carol Oates
    Do with Me What You Will by Joyce Carol Oates.

    Did Arnold friend kill Connie?

    Eventually, after some back and forth, wherein Arnold is gently, menacingly threatening her, trying to coax her out of the house, Connie is eventually so terrified and exhausted that she comes out. It is heavily insinuated that he takes her to a secondary location to sexually assault and murder her.

    Why is Arnold friend attracted to Connie?

    Arnold is attracted to Connie’s beauty and the innocence of her youth. As the author outlines at the beginning of the story, Connie has the type of long, dark blonde hair that attracts admiring looks—looks which, at the age of 15, she is becoming increasingly aware of.

    Why is Arnold’s name ironic?

    His name is ironic because he is certainly not a friend, but a predator. Verbal irony is when a speaker—in this case the character of Arnold—states the opposite of what the speaker truly means.

    Why is Arnold Friend the Devil?

    Connie’s predator, Arnold Friend, is not just any supernatural force. He is the devil himself, attempting to lure a young soul with forced friendship; his last name is a direct reference to this. Arnold Friend has the ability to change voice tones (DiYanni 679), a power that Satan is known to have.