Where does Kaylee DeFer live?

Where does Kaylee DeFer live?

Long Island, New York
The series centers on the day-to-day life of Gold family whom reside in Long Island, New York. DeFer portrayed teenager Hillary Gold, the eldest child who frequently misbehaves.

Where is Kaylee DeFer from?

Tucson, Arizona, Egyesült Államok
Kaylee DeFer/Születési hely

Who played Ivy Dickens?

Kaylee DeFerA pletykafészek
Ivy Dickens/Megszemélyesítője

Who plays tori pain in bones?

Kaylee DeFer. Born in Tucson, Arizona. Began her career in musical theatre at the age of eight and continued …

Does Ivy Dickens get to keep the money?

After the death of CeCe Rhodes and the revelation of who she really is, Ivy has left the entire Rhodes estate. This newfound wealth does not last, as Lily van der Woodsen and Carol successfully cheat Ivy out of her inheritance and split it among themselves.

How did Kaylee Bryant become an actor?

Bryant began her career as a model when she was 7 years old for clothing brands like Ralph Lauren walking runways and doing print ads. She eventually transitioned into acting when she was 8 years old and participated in children’s theater.

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Why does Rufus sleep with Ivy?

So, OBVIOUSLY, Rufus seduces Ivy in hopes of her becoming his sugar momma so that he can be a kept man again.

Who is Blair’s baby daddy?

It is later revealed that she is pregnant. Blair tells Chuck that the child is Louis’, and states that part of her wanted Chuck to be the father.

Who was the richest family on Gossip Girl?

The Bass Family
The Bass Family is the richest family on the show, as they are billionaires. They live on the Upper East Side. The members include Bart, Chuck, and Jack Bass. It also eventually includes Bart’s widowed wife Lily van der Woodsen, Chuck’s wife, Blair Waldorf, and his son, Henry Bass.

Is Josie Saltzman dead?

Josie was accidentally killed by Lizzie after they learned about the Merge, and Hope was never born.

How old is Josie Saltzman in real life?

Kaylee Bryant age and early life Kaylee was born on November 1, 1997. This makes her 23 years as of 2020.

Does Serena get pregnant in Gossip Girl?

After hearing about the Gossip Girl blast while with Eric, Serena runs into a frazzled Dan who blurts out that he loves her. Serena tells him that she’s not pregnant, and goes to find Blair. It’s revealed that Serena bought the test for her because Blair mentioned that her period was late.

Is Chuck really the father of Blair’s baby?

It is later revealed that she is pregnant. Blair tells Chuck that the child is Louis’, and states that part of her wanted Chuck to be the father. Though she insists that she is in love with Louis, Blair begins to seek Chuck out as the season progresses.

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Who’s richer Serena or Blair?

Technically speaking, Blair is a tad wealthier than Serena, thanks to her family’s incredible connections, but Serena’s inheritance from her father’s side (which is substantially the larger portion of her trust fund) was never fully explored, neither was she shown to be particularly close to her father.

Who was the poorest in Gossip Girl?

The Archibalds: $400-500 million Nate is the second “poorest” of the Gossip Girl characters. I wouldn’t mind being poor with $400million. Nate’s mother was supposed to be a fictional descendant of the Vanderbilt family, a real New York family who were once the richest in America.

Is Josie or Lizzie stronger?

The twins fight, and the stronger twin both kills and absorbs the weaker one, becoming more powerful. We know from The Vampire Diaries that Lizzie and Josie have been extremely powerful from a very young age. We see some hints of this in Legacies, but not as much. Their powers seem the same; still one must win.

What is wrong with Lizzie Saltzman?

Those dossiers I mentioned before indicated that Lizzie Saltzman has bipolar disorder, and when you couple that with her supernatural abilities, it definitely presents a unique opportunity to show the importance of mental health.

Is Hope older than the Saltzman twins?

2 The Ages of the Twins and Hope She is supposed to be two years older than them. Yet, in Legacies, all three are presented as classmates of the same age. They have backstories of being in the same classes together and having similar memories.

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Who does Nate Archibald marry?

Season Two. The season begins with Nate pretending to date Serena so she can recover from her breakup with Dan; and so he can have a secret affair with Catherine Beaton, the stepmother of Blair’s new boyfriend Marcus Beaton. She is also much older than him and married (Summer Kind of Wonderful).

Tucson, Arizona, United States
Kaylee DeFer/Place of birth

Kaylee DeFerGossip Girl
Ivy Dickens/Played by

Ivy Dickens (former alias: Charlotte “Charlie” Rhodes) is a character introduced in the fourth season of Gossip Girl. Appearing exclusively in the television adaption, she is portrayed by actress Kaylee DeFer. Starting in season five and continuing in season six, Kaylee DeFer was upgraded to the main cast.

Why is Ivy Dickens so annoying?

Ivy Dickens She was okay while pretending to be Charlie Rhodes, but once her lies came out in the open, she was too obsessed with the Upper East Side to leave and tried to play games like the rest of them. It took her way too long to realize she sucked at scheming and would never win.

Why does Vanessa hate Gossip Girl?

1 Hated Her: Turning Into One Of Them Ultimately, Vanessa turns into one of the people she hates so very much. She ends up causing as much damage as anyone on the Upper East Side, despite her appeal being that she’s from a very normal background and doesn’t have the influences and corruption they do.

Josie was accidentally killed by Lizzie after they learned about the Merge, and Hope was never born. Ablah, before returning, tells Lizzie tells that without her memories and growth as a person, Josie will still end up dead by Lizzie’s hands.