Where does Jerry tell his wife and son he is going?

Where does Jerry tell his wife and son he is going?

Jerry told his wife and son that he was going fishing.

Why does Jerry Cruncher get angry when his wife prays?

Jerry Cruncher Character Analysis He complains about his wife’s praying because it makes him feel guilty about his secret activities, but by the end of the novel he decides to give up his secret job and endorses praying, a sign that he hopes to be resurrected himself through the power of Christ.

What is a resurrection man according to Jerry Cruncher?

As Young Jerry walks to Tellson’s with Cruncher, he asks his father what a “resurrection man”is. When Cruncher explains that it is a person who sells people’s bodies, Young Jerry pleases his father by saying that he wants to be a resurrection man when he grows up.

What is the conflict between Jerry Cruncher and his wife?

Jerry Cruncher is verbally and physically abusive to his wife. Jerry is very much against praying.

What did the wigged gentleman who was looking at the ceiling?

Study guide for A Tale of Two Cities – Hope it helps(:

Question Answer
what is lucies opinion of him very ncie, kind, caring
what did the wigged gentleman who was looking at the ceiling point out to the counsel Mr. stryver on the piece of paper that he threw to him? (blank)

What does Jerry say to his father in A Tale of Two Cities?

Later, Young Jerry asks his father what a “resurrection man” is and says he would like to be one when he grows up. Jerry is worried, but also a little proud.

Who is Jerry Cruncher in A Tale of Two Cities?

For Dickens, mobs are unstoppable forces, frightening in their inhumanity. Within the funeral mob, however, one man pursues his own private agenda. Jerry Cruncher, the reader discovers, is a resurrection man — a grave robber — and views Cly’s funeral as a business opportunity.

Who is the Resurrection Man in A Tale of Two Cities?

What happens at the graveyard in A Tale of Two Cities?

Curious about his father’s mysterious nightly activities, Young Jerry follows Cruncher. Two men join Cruncher as he walks along, and the trio soon reaches the graveyard. As Young Jerry watches with horror, Cruncher and his companions dig up a coffin and begin to pry it open.