Where did Scrooge and the third spirit go second?

Where did Scrooge and the third spirit go second?

The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to the streets of London to see the celebratory atmosphere. Next, they visit Bob Cratchit’s house.

Where did the last spirit take Scrooge?

Next the Ghost takes him to the Cratchit household where Scrooge is upset to realise that Tiny Tim has died. Finally the Ghost shows him a tombstone engraved with the name: Ebenezer Scrooge. Clutching at the spirit’s robes, Scrooge pledges to change his ways if he can avoid this solitary death.

What day was it when Scrooge woke up after the third Spirit left?

Scrooge woke up in his bedroom and repeat his vows to live from the lessons of the 3 spirits/ghosts. He ran around his hour and then outside, where the church bells rang. A boy told him that it’s Christmas Day, and Scrooge realized that the ghosts visited him all in one night.

What does the spirit finally reveal to Scrooge?

What does Scrooges question to the spirit reveal? The ghost brings Scrooge to see a couple. They are glad that a man is dead because they have extra time now to pay the debt they owe.

Why does Scrooge fear the third spirit the most?

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge fears the third spirit the most because it is visually intimidating. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is silent and wears a long, hooded garment. Scrooge cannot see any part of this spirit beyond one hand that blends into the night. Hover for more information.

How does Scrooge feel when he sees Tim?

It is the Ghost of Christmas present who takes Scrooge to view how the Crachit family celebrates Christmas. Scrooge sees frail, sickly Tiny Tim and asks the spirit if Tim will live. The spirit warns that unless his life changes and he has better conditions, he will die. This appears to bother Scrooge a great deal.

What did Scrooge think about when he saw the Dead Man?

What did Scrooge think about when he saw the dead man? When Scrooge saw the dead man he thinks the Spirit is trying to teach him a lesson. In other words, this man (on the bed) died unloved and alone and YOU will die the same way if you continue to live the way you do.