Where did Miko Sotto died?

Where did Miko Sotto died?

Mandaluyong, Philippines
Miko Sotto/Place of death

Why did Miko Sotto fall?

Young actor Marcelino “Miko” Sotto, a nephew of Sen. Vicente Sotto III, died after he fell from the 8th floor of a condominium building in Mandaluyong City before dawn yesterday. Police said Miko, 22, was declared dead on arrival at the Mandaluyong City Medical Center (MCMC) due to a fractured skull.

How much is Tito Sotto worth?

Tito Sotto

The Honorable Vicente “Tito” Castelo Sotto III
Children (4) Romina Sotto, Diorella Sotto, Gian Sotto and Ciara Sotto
Residence Quezon City, Metro Manila
Alma mater Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Net worth ₱77.8 million ( Dec. 31, 2019)
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Who is the parents of Miko Sotto?

Ali Sotto
Marcelino Antonio Sotto, Jr
Miko Sotto/Parents
His parents were Ali Sotto and Marcelino Antonio “Maru” Sotto, Jr., brother of incumbent Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, Val Sotto and comedian Vic Sotto. His granduncle Filemon Sotto was also a former senator in the Philippines.

Who is the father of Miko Sotto?

Marcelino Antonio Sotto, Jr
Miko Sotto/Fathers

Is Mico Palanca dead?

Deceased (1978–2019)
Miko Palanca/Living or Deceased

How old is Val Sotto?

76 years (March 23, 1945)
Val Sotto/Age

Who is the mother of Miko Sotto?

Ali Sotto
Miko Sotto/Mothers

What happened Miko Palanca?

Actor Mico Palanca passed away on Monday, but with the cause of death still undetermined. He was 41. Mico’s family, through his talent manager June Rufino, sent a statement to Inquirer Entertainment confirming his death. Mico allegedly jumped off a building at a residential area in San Juan.

Who is the father of Mico Palanca?

Bernard Palanca, Sr
Miko Palanca/Fathers
His parents are: Pita Revilla-Palanca (mother) and Bernard Palanca, Sr (father). The father was a professional car racer, but he died when Benard and Mico were very much tender. Bernard Palanca and Mico Palanca are the two children from Pita’s union with the late car racer.

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Who is the father of Wahoo Sotto?

Val Sotto

Valmar “Val” C. Sotto
Political party Nationalist People’s Coalition
Spouse(s) Theresa Marco-Sotto
Relations Marcelino Antonio O. Sotto, Sr. (father) Herminia Castelo-Sotto (mother) Tito Sotto (brother) Vic Sotto (brother) Vajo, Gaby, Thalia, Breanna, Anaiah (grandchildren)

Is Miko Palanca dead?

How did Miko Palanca died?

Miko Palanca/Cause of death
While the family opted to keep mum about his passing, social media sites are abuzz with posts saying the actor reportedly died due to suicide. Mico allegedly jumped off a building at a residential area in San Juan.


Who is Miko Sotto father?

Who is the eldest among Sotto brothers?

Personal life. Sotto is great-nephew of former Senator Filemon Sotto and grandson of former Senator Vicente Sotto in the Philippines. He is the eldest brother of Senator Tito Sotto, Marcelino Antonio “Maru” Sotto, Jr.

What kind of shows did Miko Sotto appear on?

A talent of the GMA Artist Center, Sotto became a TV fixture, with stints on GMA-7 ‘s youth oriented programs Click and Kahit Kailan . Miko Sotto was part of the prominent Sotto family in showbiz.

What was the cause of death for Miko Sotto?

Miko Sotto was born on the 10th of May, 1982. He was known for being a TV Actor. Late Filipino actor remembered for roles like Joey on the TV series Click and Reggie in the film Fantastic Man. He passed away after falling nine stories from the balcony of his condo in 2003.

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Where did Miko Sotto live in the Philippines?

Miko Sotto was born in Philippines. He was born in Manila and grew up in a prominent Filipino show business family. He recorded a rap demo with his cousin Oyo Boy Sotto one month before his death. Miko Sotto was a Taurus and was born in the Millennials Generation.

Where did Miko Sotto get his corneas from?

From the Mandaluyong hospital, Sotto was brought to Makati Medical Center but doctors there were also unable to revive him. His mother, Ali donated Miko’s corneas to the Eye Bank of the Philippines at the time of his death. Two weeks thereafter, his corneas were transplanted to two women.