Where can I print my resume out?

Where can I print my resume out?

Where can I print my resume? 4 places to print your resumeFedEx Office: This office center’s work stations are split into self-serve and full service areas. The self-service work stations are great if you’re familiar with the machines and how to get in and out quickly. Staples: Staples has a copy center with an associate to help with your printing needs.

Where can I print at Purdue?

Printing Locations The printers are located in ITaP Instructional Computing Labs, libraries, and residence halls. Where can I print color pages? Color printers are located in the in HIKS, HSSE, LYNN, and WALC libraries, in the URSC at SHRV, and in the MATH computer lab.

Should I print my resume in color?

Don’t use colored ink to print your resume, stick to black ink. Colored ink looks unprofessional and can make a resume hard to read, particularly if the reader has poor vision.

Can I print my resume on cardstock?

Print a resume on card-stock or brightly colored paper to stand out. The ‘stand-out’ will result in the opinion you are not professional, and it may be more difficult to scan.

Are resume papers worth it?

In general, I’d recommend using 24 lbs paper for printing your resume. It’s heavy enough to prevent leaking, and is different enough from everyday printer paper to leave an impression on the recruiter.