When was the movie Strangers on a train made?

When was the movie Strangers on a train made?

Strangers on a Train (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Strangers on a Train is a 1951 American psychological thriller film noir produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and based on the 1950 novel Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith. It was shot in the autumn of 1950 and released by Warner Bros. on June 30, 1951.

What makes strangers on a train so special?

What distinguishes Strangers on a Train from similar films, even within Hitchcock’s own canon, is the fascinating idea at the center of it–the motif of doubles, the inner battle of good and evil in all human beings–as well as impressive technical virtuosity we grew accustomed to when talking about the works of the British highly commercial artist.

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What did Bruno give Guy in Strangers on a train?

Bruno sends Guy a pistol, a house key and a map showing the location of his father’s bedroom. Guy pretends to agree to Bruno’s plan. He creeps into Bruno’s father’s room hoping to warn him of his son’s murderous intentions, but instead he finds Bruno there waiting for him.

Who was the cinematographer for Strangers on a train?

In the visual sense, Strangers on a Train owes its style to the excellent cinematographer Robert Burks, who would continue to work with Hitchcock on a whole series of his films, but the two sequences that mostly stand out in the picture are at the same time undeniable reminders of Hitchcock and Burks’ technical prowess.

What happens at the end of Strangers on a train?

Miriam informs Guy that she no longer wants to end their marriage and threatens to blackmail him by claiming that the baby is his to thwart any divorce. After they argue loudly in front of Miriam’s co-workers and Guy shakes her violently, Guy calls Anne and, speaking figuratively, says he would like to kill Miriam.

Why are Bruno and Guy implicated in Strangers on a train?

At the same time, a private detective, who suspects Bruno of having arranged the murder of his father, establishes the connection between Bruno and Guy that began with the train ride, and suspects Bruno of Miriam’s murder. Guy also becomes implicated due to his contradictions about the acquaintance with Bruno.

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Who are the characters in Strangers on a train?

While on a train to see his wife, he meets Charles Anthony Bruno, a psychopathic playboy who proposes an idea to “exchange murders”: Bruno will kill Miriam if Guy kills Bruno’s father; neither of them will have a motive, and the police will have no reason to suspect either of them.

What did Guy leave behind in Strangers on a train?

Guy accidentally leaves behind his monogrammed cigarette lighter, engraved ‘From A to G’ and a gift from Anne, that he lent Bruno. Guy meets Miriam at her work in advance of going to meet her lawyer on the divorce. Miriam calls off the divorce, says she is pregnant with another man’s child, and wants to go to Washington and play the political wife.

Where does Guy meet Miriam in Strangers on a train?

Guy humors Bruno by pretending to find his idea amusing, but is so eager to get away from Bruno that he carelessly leaves behind his engraved cigarette lighter, which Bruno keeps. Guy meets with Miriam, who is pregnant by someone else, at her workplace in Metcalf, their hometown. Miriam informs Guy that she no longer wants to end their marriage.

Who is the stranger on the train in Metcalf?

As Bruno dies, his fingers open to reveal Guy’s lighter in his hand. Guy calls Anne to meet him the next day, and while they are riding home on the train a stranger asks if he is Guy Haines. They quickly leave the car. In one of his trademark cameos, Hitchcock boards the train in Metcalf after Farley Granger’s character exits.

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