When was cheaper by the dozen 2 made?

When was cheaper by the dozen 2 made?

December 21, 2005
Cheaper by the Dozen 2/Initial release

What lake was used in Cheaper by the Dozen 2?

Stony Lake
Stony Lake The imaginary Wisconsin Lake that you see in the movie is actually the Stony Lake in Ontario. The cabin where the bakers stayed was specially built for the movie and was demolished after the shooting.

Is Disney Cheaper by the Dozen?

Disney is currently working on a new version of the 20th Century Studios movie “Cheaper By The Dozen” for Disney+. This new version of “Cheaper By The Dozen” will continue to feature a large family, but it’s more about the issues with different families blending together.

How much did Cheaper by the Dozen 2 make?

By the end of its run, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 grossed $82,571,173 domestically and $46,610,657 internationally, totaling $129,181,830 worldwide. It is one of only twelve feature films to be released in over 3,000 theaters and still improve on its box office performance in its second weekend, increasing 55.6% from $9,309,387 to $14,486,519.

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How old was Anne in Cheaper by the dozen?

The book ends with the sudden death of Frank Sr, which occurred in 1924. At that time, the oldest child (Anne) was 20-years-old and the youngest (Jane) was nearly two-years-old. Cheaper by the Dozen was made into a 1950 motion picture, starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy as Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. The film was produced by 20th Century Fox .

Who is Tom Baker’s wife in Cheaper by the dozen?

Carmen Electra portrays his wife. Two years after Tom Baker resigned from his head coaching position, his family begins to undergo many changes, beginning with his daughter Lorraine’s desire to study in New York City after her high school graduation.

Who is Nora from Cheaper by the dozen married to?

The Bakers’ eldest daughter, Nora, is now married to Bud McNulty and pregnant with their first child; Bud and Nora intend to move to Houston because of Bud’s new job.