When preparing a resume you should quizlet?

When preparing a resume you should quizlet?

Resumes should always be typed! You should also keep your resume neat, precise, and highlight qualities that meet the organization’s needs. Font size should be no smaller than 10 point and a length from 1 to 2 pages. Make sure to list any previous jobs, awards, and volunteer work you were involved in.

When should you tailor a resume?

What does it mean to tailor your resume to the job description? For most job openings, a particular skill set is desired to perform specific tasks. Tailoring your resume is about recognizing those skills and responsibilities on the job description and making it obvious that you’re up to the task.

When presenting your education in your rsum you should?

Information to include in your resume education section The degree you obtained (if applicable) Your field of study. Graduation year (if applicable) Your GPA (Note: You may not want to include this if it’s not above 3.4)

When writing a resume is it important?

When formatting your rsum, it’s important to consider the organization of the information you’re providing a potential employer. You need to keep your words brief and concise.

Is white or ivory resume paper better?

Ivory, granite resume paper is prettiest and most sophisticated. White, plain resume paper is the safest and the most standard pick.