When did the TV series accused come out?

When did the TV series accused come out?

Accused. (2010 TV series) Accused is a British television anthology series created by Jimmy McGovern. The drama series first aired on 15 November 2010 on BBC One and has run for two series. Each episode follows a different character as they await their verdict in court, and tells the story behind how they find themselves accused.

Who is the author of accused guilty or innocent?

Accused: Guilty or Innocent? This anthology series written by Jimmy McGovern follows various characters as they await a verdict on their trial and reflect on how they came to be accused.

Who are the main characters in accused BBC One?

4/4 A prison officer is the victim of a series of betrayals and cover-ups. 3/4 A 17-year-old is charged with a serious offence following the death of his beloved mother. 2/4 Salon owner Mo takes a stand against drugs, gangs and gun crime in her community. 1/4 Teacher Simon’s transvestite alter-ego becomes entangled in a bitter love triangle.

Who is Det supt.michael Walker in accused?

Det. Supt. Michael Walker, teamed with DI North and DCI Connor, follow each case from crime committed, through the pursuit of justice, to the law courts where the efforts of the force will be tested – sometimes to breaking point. Glasgow 1982, a young girl investigates mysterious murders in a world of men.

What do you call a film that has not been rated?

If a film has not been submitted for a rating or is an uncut version of a film that was submitted, the labels Not Rated (NR) or Unrated (UR) are often used.

When was the MPAA rating system first introduced?

Introduced 51 years ago in 1968, the MPAA rating system is one of various motion picture rating systems that are used to help parents decide what films are appropriate for their children.

Who is Willy Houlihan in the TV series accused?

Lapsed Catholic plumber Willy Houlihan ( Christopher Eccleston) is about to tell his wife Carmel ( Pooky Quesnel) that he has been cheating on her when their daughter ( Joanna Higson) announces she is getting married.

Who is Liam Armstrong in the TV series accused?

In retaliation, Liam runs over Neil with his cab, killing him instantly. Liam is arrested for Neil’s murder and is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 15 years. Kenny Armstrong ( Marc Warren) is a loving family man, who works in a crematorium.

Who is Liam black in the TV series accused?

Liam Black ( Andy Serkis) is a taxi driver with a gambling problem and a wife suffering from MS. When Liam’s daughter makes it into a posh private school, he breaks into the house of Emma ( Jodie Whittaker ), a woman he drove in his taxi, and steals her grandmother’s necklace to give as a present to his daughter for getting into the school.