What year did Craig Stevens die?

What year did Craig Stevens die?

10 ឧសភា 2000
Craig Stevens/ថ្ងៃ​ស្លាប់

Was Craig Stevens in the military?

Craig Stevens (1946) served in the Air Force during WW2. Shown with his wife Alexis Smith.

Is Craig Stevens of Peter Gunn still alive?

Craig Stevens, the stage, film and TV actor best known for playing the hardboiled detective in TV”s “Peter Gunn” in the late 1950s, died May 10, according to wire reports. The cause of death was cancer. Mr. Stevens was 81, and was predeceased by his wife, the actress Alexis Smith.

How tall is Craig Stevens?

1,93 m
Craig Stevens/កម្ពស់

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Where is Craig Stevens buried?

Craig Stevens

Birth 8 Jul 1918 Liberty, Clay County, Missouri, USA
Death 10 May 2000 (aged 81) Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Burial Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea
Memorial ID 6929133 · View Source

How tall is Alexis Smith?

1.75 m
Alexis Smith/កម្ពស់

Who was Craig Stevens married to?

Alexis Smithm. 1944–1993
Craig Stevens/ប្រពន្ធ
Personal life. On June 18, 1944, Stevens married actress Alexis Smith at the Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn. They were married for almost 50 years, until her death in 1993. They had no children.

Can Alexis Smith sing?

Margaret Alexis Smith (June 8, 1921 – June 9, 1993) was a Canadian-born American actress and singer. She appeared in several major Hollywood films in the 1940s and had a notable career on Broadway in the 1970s, winning a Tony Award in 1972 for the Stephen Sondheim-James Goldman musical Follies.

How old is Alexis Smith?

72 years (1921–1993)
Alexis Smith/អាយុ​នៅពេល​ស្លាប់
Alexis Smith, a Hollywood actress of the 1940’s and 50’s who later won a Tony Award as a star of the Broadway musical “Follies,” died yesterday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She was 72 and lived in Los Angeles.

How old is Alexis Smith SSG?

Death. Alexis Smith died of brain cancer in Los Angeles on June 9, 1993, the day after her 72nd birthday. She had no children; her sole survivor was her husband of 49 years, actor Craig Stevens. Smith’s final film, The Age of Innocence (1993), was released shortly after her death.

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Who was Alexis Smith married to?

Craig Stevensm. 1944–1993
Alexis Smith/ប្រពន្ធ

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    10 May 2000
    Craig Stevens/Date of death

    Is Craig Stevens dead?

    Deceased (1918–2000)
    Craig Stevens/Living or Deceased

    Who was Craig Stevens wife?

    Craig Stevens/Wife

    How did Craig Stevens die?

    Craig Stevens/Cause of death
    Craig Stevens, the actor who played the suave private eye Peter Gunn in the 1950s TV series created by Blake Edwards, died Wednesday in Los Angeles of cancer.

    When did Craig Stevens first appear on TV?

    Craig Stevens is an English radio and TV presenter, voice-over artist, and film critic. In 2007, Stevens presented ITV shows The Mint and Glitterball. His first presenting job was on Brainteaser.

    What did Craig Stevens do for a living?

    Craig Stevens TV Presenter,Radio Presenter,Voice Over artist represented by Babble Voices agency and a Film Critic. During 2007 Stevens presented ITV shows The Mint & Glitterball.

    Where did Craig Stevens do his Radoi show?

    He has hosted his own radoi shows on former East of England dance station Kiss FM (now Kiss 105-108) and former Essex & Suffolk local station SGR-FM, and now presents a weekend show on Heart radio.

    Who was Craig Stevens in man of the world?

    Add the first question. Craig Stevens was never used to his maximum potential in TV and in the movies. He was without doubt the “Gary Grant of TV” .Good looking and sophisticated with easy charm. He was in the Gene Barry mould. If some bright spark producer could have come up with a decent series for him it could have run for years.