What was the real story of the Mothman Prophecies?

What was the real story of the Mothman Prophecies?

The Real Story of The Mothman Prophecies. About six minutes later, on the TV set across the bottom: ‘Bridge collapses across Ohio River.’ And he just freaks out.”. Keel “freaked out” because the bridge in question was the Silver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio River between Gallipolis, Ohio, and – you guessed it – Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

How many people died in the Mothman movie?

While The Mothman Prophecies movie indicated that there were 36 people killed, the true story reveals that the actual number of people that died is 46. According to director Mark Pellington, the studio “didn’t want to kill too many” people so the number was changed.

Where was the most recent sighting of the Mothman?

Whatever the case may be, the legend of the Mothman lives on and the most recent Mothman sighting occurred in Colorado where a man encountered the creature living in his attic. For centuries people have reported seeing huge, bird-like creatures in populated areas around the world.

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How tall was the Mothman in real life?

They described it as being around six or seven feet tall with red eyes and a wing span of 10 feet. “It was like a man with wings,” Mallette said. However, they pointed out that its head was not an outstanding characteristic.

When was the last sighting of a Mothman?

Throughout the year there were many more sighting around the bridge and on December 15, 1967 the bridge collapsed by killing 46 people. (3) There was mothman sighting near the twin towers before they collapse after the hijacked planes struck them.

Is there a movie about the Mothman case?

John Keel published his account of these events in 1975 – interestingly, until Coleman’s upcoming book, “Keel’s had been the only book. There have been chapters and mentions, but there’s never been a movie or a documentary. Mothman is a case that has almost been too scary for people to get close to.

Is the Mothman a harbinger of death?

It has been long rumored the Mothman is a harbinger of death. That whatever it is, it seems to appear just before a disaster strikes. For the people of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, that disaster happened in December of 1967, as the Silver Bridge collapsed; taking vehicles and their passengers with it into the cold waters of the Ohio River.