What was the budget for the first Mad Max movie?

What was the budget for the first Mad Max movie?

The film initially received a polarized reception upon its release in April 1979, although it won four AACTA Awards. Filmed on a budget of A$400,000, it earned more than US$100 million worldwide in gross revenue and held the Guinness record for most profitable film.

Where was Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome filmed?

Coober Pedy
Exterior location filming took place primarily in the mining town of Coober Pedy, with the set for Bartertown built at an old brickworks (the Brickpit) at Homebush Bay in Sydney’s western suburbs and the children’s camp shot at the Blue Mountains.

How old is Mad Max in Thunderdome?

Mad Max – About 23 years old (based on Mel Gibson’s age at the time). Mad Max: Road Warrior – This occurred three years after the events of Mad Max, placing Max’s age at about 26 years old. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – This takes place fifteen to eighteen years after Road Warrior, making Max about 40 years old.

Is Mad Max a hero?

Max is no hero, but somehow he always ends up doing hero’s work: defending the defenseless. It’s something he proved in Road Warrior and again in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

What made Mad Max mad?

Mad Max is an Australian post-apocalyptic action film series and media franchise created by George Miller and Byron Kennedy….Films.

Film Original series Mad Max
U.S. release date April 12, 1979
Director(s) George Miller
Screenwriter(s) George Miller & James McCausland
Story by George Miller & Byron Kennedy

Why do they spray their mouths in Mad Max?

Chrome is a slang term used by War Boys. Most prominently, near death War Boys will huff chrome spray paint in their final moments to enter into a dissociative high that will lead them on the road to Valhalla, and give them cool chrome coloured teeth and mouth.

How much did it cost to make Mad Max?

350,000 USD
Mad Max/Budget

Why did Aunty Entity let Max go?

He had not only managed to survive the Gulag punishment, but returned to tear down Aunty’s empire. This was a man worthy of her respect, and she acknowledged that by sparing his life. The leaving him alive unpunished is a sign of respect for his defiance and his bravery.

Which country has Mad Max on Netflix?

In the first sequel to Mad Max we continue the series in Max’s continued quest to gain gasoline in a post apocalyptic Australian Outback. The second Mad Max movie is only available on Netflix in Japan.

Who was the producer of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was the first Mad Max film made without producer Byron Kennedy, who was killed in a helicopter crash in 1983 while location scouting for the film. While the film was in development before Kennedy’s death, director George Miller was hesitant to continue without his producing partner.

What happens at the end of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Blaster dominates the duel until Max is able to use his bosun’s whistle to gain the upper hand. Poised to kill Blaster, he refrains after discovering that Blaster has Down Syndrome and has an intellectual disability. Max refuses to kill Blaster and confronts Aunty for deceiving him, thus exposing her plot.

Where did Mad Max 3 get its name?

In several places (Argentina, Croatia, Poland, Serbia) it was simply known as Mad Max 3, most likely to avoid translation of the neologism: “Thunderdome”.

Who is Ironbar Bassey in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Angry Anderson as Ironbar Bassey, head of Bartertown’s security and Aunty Entity’s Number One Henchman. Despite his short height he is a fierce warrior figure, wearing a doll’s head standard on his back, who comes to dislike Max more and more as the film proceeds.