What was the budget for Red Dawn?

What was the budget for Red Dawn?

17 million USD
4.2 million USD
Red Dawn/Budget

What was the budget for Red Dawn 2012?

65 million USD (2012)

Is Red Dawn banned in China?

Not only did China forbid Sony and MGM from ever releasing Red Dawn in the country, but because the movie was made with such ignorance to the Chinese point of view, they also punished both studios beyond Red Dawn. And in some cases, China flat-out rejected normally approved films from those studios.

Why is Wolverine in Red Dawn?

The operation to capture former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was named Operation Red Dawn and its targets were dubbed “Wolverine 1” and “Wolverine 2”. Army Captain Geoffrey McMurray, who named the mission, said the naming “was so fitting because it was a patriotic, pro-American movie.”

How did the movie Red Dawn affect China?

The film drew sharp criticism from the Global Times, one of the leading Chinese state-run newspapers, with headlines such as “U.S. reshoots Cold War movie to demonize China” and “American movie plants hostile seeds against China”. One of the articles stated: “China can still feel U.S. distrust and fear, especially among its people.

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What was the original rating for Red Dawn?

“Red Dawn” is rated PG-13 thanks to Steven Spielberg. Up until 1984, there were only four film ratings: G, PG, R, and X. Spielberg changed that with a phone call.

How many acts of violence in Red Dawn?

The film made the Guinness Book of Records for having the most acts of violence of any film up to that time. According to their calculations, one hundred thirty-four acts of violence occur per hour, or 2.23 per minute. Interesting? The actors trained using real weapons so that they wouldn’t make mistakes using the prop ones.

Are there any Easter eggs in the movie Red Dawn?

itself is a reference to the movie. Homefront, a video game by Red Dawn writer John Milius about a North Korean invasion of America, borrows heavily from the movie. One notable easter egg relating to the film is a large billboard at a school sport stadium which reads “Go Wolverines!!!”.