What was the budget for Moonrise Kingdom?

What was the budget for Moonrise Kingdom?

16 million USD
Moonrise Kingdom/Budget

How old are the characters in Moonrise Kingdom?

Set on the fictional island of New Penzance in Northeastern America, Moonrise Kingdom is the story of two 13-year-old lovers, Sam and Suzy, who bond over their mutual status as outsiders and decide to run away together, sending his scout troop and her family into conniptions.

Is Moonrise Kingdom Family friendly?

Appropriate for ages 13+. “Moonrise Kingdom” is more a tale about childhood than one for children. Its quirky, nostalgic tone will more likely appeal to adults with a longing for the good old days, real or imagined.

How much money did the movie Moonrise Kingdom make?

In its opening weekend, Moonrise Kingdom earned $523,006 in four theaters, setting a record for the greatest gross per theater average for a live action film of $167,371. After five weeks, it made $11.6 million. By September, it grossed $43.7 million, doubling that of Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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Who are the characters in the movie Moonrise Kingdom?

1 Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp 2 Edward Norton as Scout Master Randy Ward 3 Bill Murray as Mr. Bishop 4 Frances McDormand as Mrs. Bishop 5 Tilda Swinton as Social Services 6 Jared Gilman as Sam 7 Kara Hayward as Suzy 8 Jason Schwartzman as Cousin Ben 9 Harvey Keitel as Commander Pierce 10 Bob Balaban as Narrator

What happens to Sam and Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom?

Sam and Suzy never make it onto the crabbing boat, and Suzy’s parents, Captain Sharp, Social Services, and the scouts of Fort Lebanon under the command of Scout Master Ward pursue them instead. A violent hurricane and flash flood strike, and Sharp apprehends Sam and Suzy on the steeple of the church in which they first met.

Who was Bill Murray’s cousin in Moonrise Kingdom?

Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman were regular actors in Anderson’s filmography. [12] [13] Schwartzman said he accepted the role of Cousin Ben without asking for a larger part, because in his experience Anderson always planned thoroughly what was best for his films, including casting characters. [13]