What was the budget for Beasts of the Southern Wild?

What was the budget for Beasts of the Southern Wild?

1.8 million USD
Beasts of the Southern Wild/Budget

How was Beasts of the Southern Wild financed?

Working with a collective of artists called Court 13, Zeitlin created one of those rare game-changing shorts, Glory at Sea, which attracted the attention of the not-for-profit foundation Cinereach. They came on board to finance his feature, Beasts of the Southern Wild at a budget of $1.5M.

What is the message of Beasts of the Southern Wild?

There were many reoccurring themes in The Beasts of the Southern Wild but love, compassion and strength seemed to be the ones that were the most prevalent. Hushpuppy is very physically emotionally and mentally strong for her age. This is shown many times in the film through courage along with physical feats.

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Who are the actors in Beasts of the Southern Wild?

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a 2012 American drama film directed, co-written, and co-scored by Benh Zeitlin. It was adapted by Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar from Alibar’s one-act play Juicy and Delicious. It stars Quvenzhané Wallis and Dwight Henry. After playing at film festivals, it was released on June 27, 2012,…

What happens at the end of beasts of the Southern Wild?

A chase ensues between the two, and she ends up getting slapped by Wink. When she retaliates by punching him in the chest, Wink collapses. Hushpuppy, realizing the damage she has caused, runs for help only to find her father missing when she returns. Meanwhile, in the Arctic, the frozen aurochs in an ice shelf start drifting into the ocean.

Where was the bathtub in Beasts of the Southern Wild?

The film’s fictional setting, “Isle de Charles Doucet”, known to its residents as the Bathtub, was inspired by several isolated and independent fishing communities threatened by erosion, hurricanes and rising sea levels in Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish, most notably the rapidly eroding Isle de Jean Charles.

What did wink do in Beasts of the Southern Wild?

Wink hatches a plan to drain the water away by destroying the levee. He and a small group of friends plant dynamite and blow a hole in the wall using an alligator gar, and the water recedes. Authorities arrive and enforce a mandatory evacuation order, removing the residents of the Bathtub to an emergency shelter.

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