What was the budget for Antz?

What was the budget for Antz?

60 million USD

Who created Antz?

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Eric Darnell Tim Johnson
Screenplay by Todd Alcott Chris Weitz Paul Weitz
Produced by Brad Lewis Aron Warner Patty Wooton

What year did Antz come out?

November 6, 1998 (Brazil)
Antz/Release date

What happens Antz?

A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his totalitarian society while trying to win the affection of the princess he loves. Z-4195, a worker ant, tries to break from his totalitarian hive society and get the attention of Princess Bala.

When did the movie Antz come out in theaters?

Antz premiered on September 19, 1998, at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was released theatrically in the United States on October 2, 1998. It grossed $171.8 million worldwide on a budget of $42–105 million.

Who is the leader of the Army in Antz?

Z is unaware that the army’s leader and Bala’s fiancé General Mandible is secretly sending the soldiers loyal to the Queen Ant to die so he can stage a coup. At the base of a tree near nightfall, Z realizes he is marching into battle. Everyone except Z is killed by acid-shooting termite defenders.

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Who are the main characters in the movie Antz?

Cast Woody Allen as Z-4195 “Z”, an idealistic but anxious worker ant. Gene Hackman as General Mandible, the mean-spirited and arrogant general officer of the ant military. Sharon Stone as Princess Bala, the Queen Ant’s daughter, Mandible’s fiancée, and Z’s love interest.

What happens to Bala and Z in Antz?

The ant colony declares war on an encroaching termite colony and a large force of soldier ants is mobilized for an attack. To see Bala again, Z exchanges places with his soldier friend Weaver and joins the army, where he befriends Barbatus, a staff sergeant.