What was the box office gross for War of the Worlds?

What was the box office gross for War of the Worlds?

The film did great at the box office though, opening to $64,878,725 from a budget of $132,000,000. Overall, War of the Worlds’ domestic total reached $234,280,354, while internationally it managed $357,465,178, making its worldwide gross of $591,745,532. To say The Lost World is a step down from its predecessor is an understatement.

How much money does a great war movie make?

For critics, a great war movie removes the fantasy from frontline bloodshed and shows the viewer just how hellish war really is. For movie studios, a great war movie grosses millions and millions of dollars.

What was the total cost of World War 2?

Total Military Cost of War in Millions/Billions of Dollars War Cost % GDP in Peak Year of War Total Defense % GDP in Peak Year of War World War I 1917-1921 1919 Current Year $ 20 billion 13.6% 14.1% Constant FY2011$ 334 billion World War II 1941-1945 1945

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How much money has been spent on the wars?

A Trillion Dollars for Wars Since 9/11 Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress has appropriated more than a trillion dollars for military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world.

Who are the Disney characters that made the most money?

Iron Man has long been one of the major successes of the Marvel Universe and that was well before Disney ever made the purchase of all the Marvel properties. Iron Man had his own show, a huge run of comics…I still have some of his toys from back when I was a kid.

How much money has Guardians of the Galaxy made?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just hit theaters this past weekend, and has already grossed over $427 million worldwide, making it the biggest MCU movie debut without Iron Man present . Domestically, the film brought it in $145 million, representing a 53.8% spike from the original movie’s $94.3 million box office debut three years ago.

Who are the top 20 highest grossing actors in the world?

Let’s take a look at the actors and actresses that make up the Top 20 Highest Grossing Actors Worldwide: 20. Eddie Murphy 19. Will Smith 18. Brad Pitt 17. Cameron Diaz 16. Stellan Skarsgard 15. Gary Oldman 14. Ralph Fiennes 13. Helena Bonham Carter 12. Rupert Grint 11. Cate Blanchett 10. Daniel Radcliffe 9. Bruce Willis 8. Tom Cruise 7. Johnny Depp

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