What was Scrooge reaction to the scene?

What was Scrooge reaction to the scene?

Scrooge is deeply saddened by this scene because he sees his “poor, forgotten self.” Scrooge is alone and abandoned (on Christmas). He “sobbed.”

Why did Scrooge get so upset when he saw the vision of Belle?

Why did Scrooge get so upset when he saw the vision of Belle with her husband and family? That is the life he could’ve had but he gave Belle up for money. Why did Scrooge seize the spirits cap and push it over its head? The visions from the light were upsetting him and he didn’t want to see anymore.

How does Scrooge initially react to the spirit?

Expert Answers In Stave Two, when the spirit appears to Scrooge as was foretold by the ghost of Marley—when “the deep, dull, hollow, melancholy ONE” strikes—Scrooge is startled as the curtains around his bed are pulled back and he beholds “a strange figure—like a child” from whose head a bright jet of light shines.

Why does Belle break up with Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

She is breaking off their engagement crying that greed has corrupted the love that used to impassion Scrooge’s heart. The spirit takes Scrooge to a more recent Christmas scene where a middle-aged Belle remini sces with her husband about her former fiance, Scrooge.

How does the ghost of Christmas present change Scrooge?

The Ghost of Christmas Present uses Scrooge’s own words against him. In his honest response, that Tiny Tim is likely to die, he holds a mirror up to Scrooge and his behaviour. The Ghost predicts that Mankind, Scrooge included, will suffer unless the lessons of generosity and tolerance are learned.

What happens to Scrooge’s sister in the student room?

At last, a little girl, Scrooge’s sister Fan, runs into the room, and announces that she has come to take Ebenezer home. Their father is much kinder, she says. He has given his consent to Ebenezer’s return. The young Scrooge, delighted to see his sister, embraces her joyfully.

What did Scrooge want to do with his cap?

The contradictory point about him was that he looked old and young at the same time and had a wintry look but had summer flowers on his dress. (2nd optional) 3) What did Scrooge want the spirit to do with his cap?