What was Sam Worthington in?

What was Sam Worthington in?

Samuel Henry John Worthington (born 2 August 1976) is a British-born Australian actor and writer. He is best known for playing Jake Sully in the Avatar film series, Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation, and Perseus in Clash of the Titans as well as its sequel Wrath of the Titans.

What is Sam Worthington doing now?

Worthington will perform once again in the Avatar franchise. He will portray Jake Sulley in Avatar 2, which presently has no set release date. Worthington has been known to be very private when it comes to his personal life.

Who is Sam Moses?

Sam Moses is the author of the acclaimed race-driving memoir, Fast Guys, Rich Guys, and Idiots, and a former senior writer for Sports Illustrated. He began writing as a U.S. Navy Seaman on a heavy cruiser in action off Vietnam. He lives with his two sons in White Salmon, Washington.

How old is Sam Worthington?

45 years (August 2, 1976)
Sam Worthington/Age

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How old is Sam Worthington? The Avatar actor was born in the UK in 1976. He is currently 43 years old and will turn 44 on 2nd August 2020.

Where is Sam Worthington from?

Godalming, United Kingdom
Sam Worthington/Place of birth

Is the guy in Avatar really paralyzed?

Jake’s atrophied legs were prosthetics cast from the legs of a real paraplegic. Sam Worthington’s real legs were tucked into the wheelchair and digitally removed in post-production.

How did Jake Sully lose his legs?

He suffered a spinal injury in an unnamed war while fighting in Venezuela. The injury was severe, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Does Sam Worthington have a disability?

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, a paralyzed marine in James Cameron’s 2009 3D blockbuster, “Avatar.” Kevin McHale currently plays paraplegic high school student Artie Abrams on Fox’s “Glee.”