What was Robin Stewart in?

What was Robin Stewart in?

Bless This House
Robin Stewart (9 October 1946 – 22 November 2015) was an English actor, game show host and reporter who was best known for playing Mike Abbott, the son of Sid James’ character Sid Abbott in the 1970s sitcom Bless This House.

Where is Robin Stewart from Bless This House?

FORMER child star Robin Stewart found fame when he starred as Sid James’s son Mike Abbott in the hit comedy series Bless This House (1971-76). Afterwards, he settled in Australia where he continued acting, and later presenting and producing. Born in India, Robin, 68, is married to Bertie and they live in Dorset.

Who was Robin Stewart married to?

Roberta Daler
Robin Stewart/Cónyuge

What age did Robin Stewart die?

69 años (1946–2015)
Robin Stewart/Edad a la que murió

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How old is Robin Stewart?

69 years (1946–2015)

What happened to the actors in Bless This House?

Sadly, the death of Robin Stewart comes with the dawning realisation that now there is only one surviving member of the Bless This House cast. Following Sid’s death in 1976, we lost Patsy Rowlands (Betty) in 2005 and both Anthony Jackson (Trevor) and Diana Coupland (Jean) in 2006. They are all greatly missed.

Where Are They Now Sally Geeson?

Sally, who recently starred in Beauty And The Beast at the Theatre Royal Windsor, is also the brand ambassador for Anglian Home Improvements. She lives in Surrey and has three children and one grandson.

Is Sid James still alive?

Deceased (1913–1976)
Sid James

Who is Dianas daughter?

Betty Diana Coupland (5 March 1928 – 10 November 2006), billed as Diana Coupland, was an English actress and singer, best remembered for her role as Jean Abbott in the sitcom Bless This House, which she played from 1971 to 1976….

Diana Coupland
Children daughter

Did Sid James smoke a pipe?

After his heart attack, James gave up his heavy cigarette habit and instead smoked a pipe or an occasional cigar; he lost weight, ate only one main meal a day, and limited himself to two or three alcoholic drinks per evening.

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Why was Sid James not in Carry on Screaming?

1. Harry H Corbett was a late addition to the Carry On team. When leading man Sid James was unavailable to join the production due to work commitments, producer Peter Rogers set out to cast a similarly high-profile name.

Where is Sid James buried?

Golders Green Crematorium, London, United Kingdom
Sid James/Lugar de sepelio