What was George Sewell in?

What was George Sewell in?

Amongst his early roles, he was the tallyman in the television play Up The Junction (1965), a criminal who runs off with a teenage girl in Softly, Softly (1966), a hard-nosed building engineer in The Power Game (1965–66), a cowardly informer in Man in a Suitcase (1967), and a seedy private eye in Spindoe (1968).

How old is George Sewell?

82 tahun (1924–2007)
George Sewell/Usia saat kematian
George Sewell, who has died at the age of 82, was a self-made actor who excelled in strong, sometimes sinister, often shifty, supporting roles.

Who is Rufus Sewell wife?

Amy Gardnerm. 2004–2006
Yasmin Abdallahm. 1999–2000
Rufus Sewell/Istri

What happened to George Sewell in UFO?

George Sewell has died at the age of 82. Let’s remember him for his work in theatre and film rather than a one-off sci-fi stint. About 18 months ago I caught the train to Solihull to cover the “12th annual Cult TV festival”, which took place in a small hotel beside a roundabout.

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Is the actor George Sewell still alive?

Deceased (1924–2007)
George Sewell

Where was George Sewell born?

Hoxton, London, United Kingdom
George Sewell/Tempat lahir

Is George Sewell still alive?

George Sewell/Living or Deceased

Was George Sewell in the bill?

George Sewell, the actor, who died on Sunday aged 82, had one of the best-known faces in Britain, thanks to dozens of appearances on television and in films, notably Get Carter (1971). He was still working until recently, making television appearances in Doctors and The Bill (both 2005) and, last year, in Casualty.

Why did George Sewell leave UFO?

Colonel Alec Freeman, Second-in-command of SHADO (George Sewell) a former pilot and intelligence officer, is SHADO’s first officer (and very first operative recruited into SHADO by Straker) for 17 episodes in the series (Sewell left following the change of studios, being later unavailable when series production resumed …

82 years (1924–2007)
George Sewell/Age at death

George Sewell/Place of birth

What were the cars used in UFO?

The two SHADO cars seen in the series were made from Ford Zephyr IV chassis. The name of the planet that the aliens hailed from is never mentioned.

Who built the UFO cars?

But there were two real cool cars – one was gold and the other was purple-pink. “They were built by Alan Mann Racing on a Ford Zephyr IV chassis and powered by a Ford Cortina 1600 engine,” says Ian Pinkney in Durham.

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What kind of movies did George Sewell appear in?

Motion pictures saw him in gritty social dramas like This Sporting Life (1963) and tough crime films like Underworld Informers (1963) and Get Carter (1971), often alternating villainy with law enforcement. He also had a small role in the science fiction thriller Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969).

Who was George Sewell in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

Later television appearances include Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979), in which he played Mendel, and the Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks (1988), in which he played builder’s merchant and fascist leader Ratcliffe. He also appeared frequently in films, notably This Sporting Life (1963), Poor Cow (1967) and Get Carter (1971).

How old was George Sewell when he died?

George Sewell (I) (1924–2007) British leading actor whose tough, pockmarked features belied a soft voice and cultivated manner. Sewell was born in East London, the son of a printer.

What did Malcolm Sewell do for a living?

The experience garnered from stage acting led to a long career in both film and television. For many years, Sewell was the gritty face of crime and law enforcement in a huge array of television series.