What reading level is A Christmas Carol?

What reading level is A Christmas Carol?

ATOS Book Level: 6.7
Word Count: 28448
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction
Topic – Subtopic: Behavior-Forgiveness; Behavior-Greed/Selfishness; Classics-Classics; Holidays-Christmas; Mysteries-Hauntings/Ghosts; What Kids Are Reading, 2021-Grade 7: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;

Why did the portly gentleman come to see Scrooge?

Why did the portly (chubby) gentlemen come to see Scrooge? He came to ask for a donation to buy meat and drink for the poor. Scrooge.

How many AR points is the Christmas carol?

A Christmas Carol

Dewey FIC
AR Points 1
AR Quiz # 174858
Text Type Literature: Narrative
ISBN 978-1-4965-0370-1

What do we learn from A Christmas Carol?

“From Scrooge we learn about spiritual transformation and life-changing experiences; from Fred and Cratchit, we learn about forgiveness to those who wrong us; from Tiny Tim, we learn to remain positive and hopeful even when life’s circumstances look bleak; from the ghosts, we learn about reflecting on our past, present …

How many AR points is Catch 22?

ATOS Book Level: 2.5
Interest Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3)
AR Points: 1.0
Word Count: 4579

How many AR points is The Grapes of Wrath?

ATOS Book Level: 4.9
Interest Level: Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points: 25.0
Word Count: 169481

What is the Lexile level for a Christmas carol?

The original version of A Christmas Carol is written on a guided reading level of ‘Z. ‘ It has a Lexile measure of 900L and a DRA level of 70.

When does the story of A Christmas Carol begin?

Scrooge is visited by Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve. The story of A Christmas Carol begins on a “cold, bleak, biting” Christmas Eve exactly seven years after the death of Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley.

How many staves are there in A Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens divided the story of A Christmas Carol into five chapters, which he labels staves, that is, song stanzas or verses, in keeping with the title of the book. Stave One. Scrooge is visited by Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve.

What happens to Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge’s chastening experiences have a salutary effect: the miser is redeemed and transformed. In the Preface, Dickens wrote ‘I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me.

Is the book A Christmas Carol a ghost story?

Having established that A Christmas Carol is a redemption story, a ghost story AND one that offers social comment, perhaps we should remind ourselves that it is also very much a Christmas story too! Dickens has been accused of being the man that invented Christmas, and there’s considerable truth in that.