What rating is Dangerous Lies?

What rating is Dangerous Lies?

Dangerous Lies is Rated TV-14.

Why is Dangerous Lies rated TV 14?

The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board rating has been assigned for “some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes some passionate kissing, an implied sex scene, several cleavage revealing outfits, several scenes of murder by …

Why is Dangerous Lies rated PG 13?

Suspenseful/violent scenes include a restaurant robbery in which a fight occurs and someone is killed, the discovery of a long-dead body, point-blank gunfire that results in a bloody death, a fatal fall, and several stealthy home invasions.

Is Dangerous Lies a true story?

No, ‘Dangerous Lies’ is not based on a true story; neither is it adapted from a novel. It is a thriller drama directed by Michael Scott (not ‘The Office’ one, sadly) on an original screenplay written by David Golden.

What is the Series dangerous lies about?

“Dangerous Lies” stars Camila Mendes as Katie, a straight and narrow, financially struggling caretaker from south Chicago who tends to an older man named Leonard (Elliot Gould) out in the burbs. We know little about him aside from that he’s lonely, rich, old, and has a big beautiful house.

Is dangerous lies a horror?

Dangerous Lies is a 2020 American thriller film, directed by Michael Scott from a screenplay by David Golden. It stars Camila Mendes, Jessie T. Usher, Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander and Elliott Gould. In October 2020, Dangerous Lies was nominated for People’s Choice Awards in the drama movie category.

What age rating is the lie?

The Lie | 2020 | R | – 2.5.

Will there be a dangerous Lies 2?

Dangerous Lies 2 Release Date ‘Dangerous Lies’ premiered on Netflix on April 30, 2020. If the sequel gets greenlit, we expect ‘Dangerous Lies 2’ to release on Netflix in 2023 or later.

Where is the house from Dangerous Lies?

127 Queens Avenue
Dangerous Lies was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Leonard Wellsley’s house was located at 127 Queens Avenue in New Westminster.

What are the dangers of lies?

Lying can be cognitively depleting, it can increase the risk that people will be punished, it can threaten people’s self-worth by preventing them from seeing themselves as “good” people, and it can generally erode trust in society.

Why is the lie rated 16+?

Movie details MPAA explanation: language throughout, some violence and brief sexuality.

Why did Kayla kill Brittany?

The Lie: Plot Synopsis Kayla and Britney are friends, but she kills Britney over an argument seemingly about a boy. Kayla’s divorced parents try and hide the murder and pin the disappearance of Britney on her father, who they believe is abusive.

Where is dangerous being filmed?

Principal photography took place in December 2020, and concluded on December 23. Filming occurred in Kamloops and the Okanagan.

Does Chicago have Netflix movies?

Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” — which briefly filmed in Chicago in 2019 — got a second season. The “Emporia” pilot, filmed last year in southwest suburban Lockport, has been picked up to series by HBO and renamed “Somebody Somewhere.” Other shows that filmed in Chicago won’t be back.