What programs was John Thaw in?

What programs was John Thaw in?

His small screen career continued with roles in two seminal programmes: Z Cars (BBC, 1962-78) and The Avengers (ITV, 1961-69). He landed the starring role of Sgt John Mann in Redcap (ITV, 1964), set in the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police.

How long after Inspector Morse did John Thaw die?

On February 21, 2002, after almost a year of battling the stubborn disease, John passed away in his country home close to Luckington, Wiltshire, in England. This was seven weeks after he turned 60-years-old, and the day before his wife, Sheila’s birthday.

What comedy was John Thaw in?

Home To Roost
Home To Roost. ITV sitcom about an adult father and son. 29 episodes (4 series), 1985 – 1990. Stars John Thaw, Reece Dinsdale, Elizabeth Bennett and Joan Blackham.

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Were Kevin Whately and John Thaw friends?

‘John Thaw and I were pals – I was used to his ferocious glares’: Kevin Whately looks back on Inspector Morse’s killer partnership. Here, Kevin Whately (who played Lewis opposite John Thaw’s Morse) speaks to Radio Times, and recalls the first time he heard of Morse…

What is wrong with John Thaw’s leg?

“Thaw had a noticeable peculiarity of gait, his right leg showing evidence of “dorsiflexor paralysis” or foot drop, for which there have been several explanations. Several sources state that it resulted from an accident at the age of 15 when he tripped over a curb and broke his foot rushing to catch a bus to school.

Why did Kevin Whately leave Lewis?

Having hit 65, I don’t want to work myself to death, which I think is what John Thaw did. I think he took on far too much, and I don’t want to go the same way.” As for the global appeal of Inspector Lewis, Whately attributed it to “great scripts, good characters–that goes down well all over the world.”

Does Endeavour Morse get married?

Despite several romances, Morse never married. The Inspector Morse series was made up of 33 episodes mostly set near Oxford. Despite several romances, Morse never married. …

Does Endeavour marry?

Despite several romances, Morse never married. The Inspector Morse series was made up of 33 episodes mostly set near Oxford. Her father, Detective Inspector Frederick Thursday (Roger Allam), found her hiding out with a married man in the final episode of season four, much to his dismay. …

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Does Kevin Whately have a son?

Kieran Whately
Kevin Whately/Sons

Did John Thaw died while filming Morse?

John Thaw, the British television actor known to millions as the crusty, music-loving Chief Inspector Morse of Oxford, died at his home in Wiltshire, England, on Thursday. Thaw’s death occurred almost exactly a year after that of his character in the final episode of ”Inspector Morse” broadcast in the United States.

How old was actor John Thaw when he died?

60 years (1942–2002)
John Thaw/Age at death

Legendary actor John Thaw who is best known for his role as “Inspector Morse” and “The Sweeney,” died at the age of 60 in 2002 after battling throat cancer.

What did John Thaw star in before The Sweeney?

detective Jack Regan
He made his name in 1974 as the hard-living detective Jack Regan in The Sweeney before cementing his reputation playing the more cerebral Morse. He portrayed Morse for 13 years and was among the 13 million people who watched the episode in which he was killed off in 2000.

Who was Morse married to?

And tonight viewers will see that the tarot reader in question is played by none other than Sheila Hancock, who was married to original Inspector Morse star John Thaw until his death in 2002 and joined Endeavour in a one-off guest role for the series finale.

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What did John Thaw do for a living?

. John Ed­ward Thaw, CBE (3 Jan­u­ary 1942 – 21 Feb­ru­ary 2002) was an Eng­lish actor. He ap­peared in a range of tele­vi­sion, stage, and cin­ema roles, his most pop­u­lar being tele­vi­sion se­ries such as In­spec­tor Morse, Red­cap, The Sweeney, Home to Roost and Ka­vanagh QC .

What was the name of the 1999 movie with John Thaw?

21. The Waiting Time (1999 TV Movie) When British Intelligence Officer Tracy Barnes attacks visiting German politician Dieter Krause, solicitor’s clerk Joshua Mantle is called to help unravel the events which led to the assault. 22. Plastic Man (1999 TV Movie)

What was John Thaw’s role in the Sweeney?

Thaw will per­haps be best re­mem­bered for two roles: the hard-bit­ten, tough talk­ing Fly­ing Squad de­tec­tive Jack Regan in the Thames Tele­vi­sion / ITV se­ries (and two films) The Sweeney (1975–1978), which es­tab­lished him as a major star in the United King­dom.

What kind of character was John Thaw in Inspector Morse?

According to The Guardian, “Thaw was the definitive Morse, grumpy, crossword-fixated, drunk, slightly anti-feminist, and pedantic about grammar.” Inspector Morse became one of the UK’s most loved TV series; the final three episodes, shown in 2000, were seen by 18 million people, about one third of the British population.