What Programme was Jake Thackray on?

What Programme was Jake Thackray on?

Cult heroes: Jake Thackray was the great chansonnier who happened to be English. With his unmistakable baritone, clipped Yorkshire enunciation and rollneck sweaters, Jake Thackray was a regular fixture on British television magazine programmes in the 1960s and 70s.

Is Jake Thackray real?

John Philip “Jake” Thackray (27 February 1938 – 24 December 2002) was an English singer-songwriter, poet and journalist. Thackray sang in a lugubrious baritone voice, accompanying himself on a nylon-strung guitar in a style that was part classical, part jazz.

Was Jake Thackray on That’s Life?

Singer and songwriter Jake Thackray, who was a regular performer on BBC’s That’s Life with Esther Rantzen, has died at the age of 63. The Yorkshire-born performer made his name singing and playing the guitar in folk clubs and on local radio before featuring on TV programmes including The David Frost Show.

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How old was Jake Thackray died?

64 años (1938–2002)
Jake Thackray/Edad a la que murió

Is Jake Thackray still alive?

Deceased (1938–2002)
Jake Thackray

Did Jake Thackray have children?

Jake Thackray, singer and songwriter: born 1938: married (three sons); died Monmouth 27 December 2002.

Was Jake Thackray an alcoholic?

Jake Thackray died in Monmouth, Wales on Christmas Eve 2002, aged 63. His life had ended in straitened circumstances, for a man who’d notched up more than 1,000 radio and TV appearances during his maytime. The singer-songwriter, who’d been declared bankrupt two years earlier, was reportedly ill with alcoholism.

Jake Thackray/Living or Deceased

64 years (1938–2002)
Jake Thackray/Age at death

What happened to Jake Thackray?

Where was Jake Thackray born?

Kirkstall, Leeds, United Kingdom
Jake Thackray/Place of birth

Where is Jake Thackray from?

When did the Jake Thackray CD come out?

The Jake Thackray Project went on to release a remastered live recording (the CD Live in Germany), and two DVDs: the privately recorded Live at the Unicorn (2009) and the BBC-licensed Jake Thackray and Songs (2014).

Where did Jake Thackray do most of his work?

After graduation he spent four years teaching English, mainly in France – in Lille, Brittany and the Pyrenees – but also including six months in Algeria at the height of the war for independence in 1961–1962.

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Who are some famous people that Jake Thackray influenced?

He was admired by, and influenced, many performers including Jarvis Cocker, Mike Harding, Momus, Ralph McTell, Morrissey, Alex Turner, and Jasper Carrott. John Philip Thackray was born in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, the son of Ernest Thackray, a policeman, and Ivy May Thackray, née Armitage.

What kind of voice does Jake Thackray have?

Thackray sang in a lugubrious baritone voice, accompanying himself on a nylon-strung guitar in a style that was part classical, part jazz.