What power does the ghost of Christmas past have?

What power does the ghost of Christmas past have?

The Ghost of Christmas Past represents memory. She shows Scrooge events from his past in hopes of shedding light on how Scrooge became bitter and miserly and to remind him that he was not always that way. If the Ghost can help Scrooge remember who he once was, there may still be hope for him.

What effect did the spirits have on Scrooge?

Almost immediately, when the spirit removes Scrooge from the present and takes him into the past, Scrooge becomes aware of smells that bring back all kinds of memories. The Ghost sees that the old man’s “‘lip is trembling'” and he asks about a tear on Scrooge’s cheek.

How did the 3 ghost change Scrooge?

In Stave Four, Scrooge is visited by the last of the three ghosts, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This ghost is instrumental in helping Scrooge to reform his character because he shows him what his life will be like if he does not change his personality and attitude towards others.

Who impacted Scrooge the most?

Jacob Marley had the greatest effect on Scrooge, because he created the opportunity for his transformation. There was not just one character who had an influence on Scrooge.

Why does the Ghost of Christmas Present have food?

It appears in Scrooge’s room, surrounded by a feast. The generous nature of this ghost is reflected in the abundant vision of food. These are called Ignorance and Want and are a warning to Scrooge to change his ways.

What did the third ghost do to Scrooge?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come reveals to Scrooge the future consequences of his past and present actions: his lack of sympathy for the poor; his ill-treatment of his own clerk Bob Cratchit; that his own death will also result in the death of the Cratchit’s disabled young son, Tiny Tim.

What do the three ghosts represent in A Christmas Carol?

Later in this stave (Stave Three), Scrooge sees two children hiding under the ghost’s robe. They are Ignorance and Want – the personification of child poverty in Victorian England.

Who is the spirit of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol?

In the 2008 film “Barbie: in a Christmas Carol” the actress Tabitha St. Germain portrayed the Spirit of Christmas Past as a bubbly young appearing girl who wore a sparkling white and gold dress, accompanied with a golden wand that produced magical specks of gold.

Where does the second spirit take Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge, upset by hearing Belle’s description of the man that he has become, demands that the ghost remove him from the house. The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to a joyous market with people buying the makings of Christmas dinner and to celebrations of Christmas in a miner’s cottage and in a lighthouse.

What happens at the end of A Christmas Carol?

But soon the steeples called good people all, to church and chapel, and away they came, flocking through the streets in their best clothes, and with their gayest faces. And at the same time there emerged from scores of bye-streets, lanes, and nameless turnings, innumerable people, carrying their dinners to the baker’ shops.