What pack is Slifer the Sky Dragon in?

What pack is Slifer the Sky Dragon in?

YuGiOh Battle Pack 2:
YuGiOh Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants Slifer the Sky Dragon BP02-EN127.

Is Slifer the Sky Dragon a rare card?

This is of Secret Rare rarity. From the 2016 Mega-Tins set. You will receive the Limited Edition version of this card.

What YuGiOh pack has the Egyptian God Cards?

Treasures of the Pharaoh – from the dawn of Dueling! Along with a sturdy collectible box starring the Egyptian God Cards, the Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition also comes with a double-sided Game Board featuring all three Egyptian God Card monsters and some of the most beloved characters from the classic era.

Is there a special effect for Slifer the Sky Dragon?

Trap Monster cards are unaffected by the special effect of “Slifer the Sky Dragon”. Using ” Card of Safe Return ” along with ” Manticore of Darkness ” can allow yourself to draw without limit.

How many tributes to normal summon Slifer the Sky Dragon?

Slifer the Sky Dragon | Card Details | Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME – CARD DATABASE ATK ? DEF ? Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set). This card’s Normal Summon cannot be negated. When Normal Summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated.

When to use reckless greed with Slifer the Sky Dragon?

This card can be combined with ” Chainsaw Insect “, ” The Bistro Butcher ” or ” Destiny HERO – Defender ” along with ” Appropriate ” to grant extra power to it more often. Use ” Reckless Greed ” to get more ATK immediately. Since it is a Trap Card, it can be useful if your opponent attacks “Slifer”.

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