What order are the Batman movies?

What order are the Batman movies?

Batman revine1992Batman Forever1995Batman şi Robin1997

What are the names of the Batman trilogy movies?

Batman – Începuturi2005
Cavalerul negru2008Cavalerul negru: Legenda renaște2012
Trilogia Cavalerul Negru/Filme

Batman Returns1992Batman Forever1995Batman & Robin1997

Who played Batman in order?


Film U.S. release date Actor
Batman June 23, 1989 Michael Keaton
Batman Returns June 19, 1992
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm December 25, 1993 Kevin Conroy
Batman Forever June 16, 1995 Val Kilmer

Who played Batman first on screen?

Lewis G. Wilson
Lewis G. Wilson (“The Batman” TV show, 1943) Wilson has the distinction of being the first actor to play Batman, starring in the 1943 series.

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Batman Begins2005
The Dark Knight2008The Dark Knight Rises2012
The Dark Knight Trilogy/Movies

Who has played Batman the most?

The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history – eight to be exact. Most have lasted for just one film. But after The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale has become the first man to have played Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego more than twice on the silver screen.

Should I watch Joker before Batman?

Joker is a standalone film which does not have any ties to the DCEU. Therefore, there’s no need to watch any other film. Though if you want to learn about the character, here are the films he has appeared in : Batman ( 1966 )

Which actor has played Batman the most?

Who is the best Batman actor of all time?

The Best Batman Actors: Ranked

  • 5 of 12. 8) George Clooney.
  • 6 of 12. Peter Weller.
  • 7 of 12. 6) Ben Affleck.
  • 8 of 12. 5) Will Arnett.
  • 9 of 12. 4) Adam West.
  • 10 of 12. 3) Kevin Conroy.
  • 11 of 12. 2) Christian Bale.
  • 12 of 12. 1) Michael Keaton. Appears in: Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992)

    Who are the actors in the first Batman movie?

    Director: Tim Burton | Stars: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl Votes: 343,811 | Gross: $251.19M The first in the “Batman” film series, also know as: “Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology” or the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher films.

    What’s the Order of all the Batman movies?

    For instance, Warner Bros’ original Batman Anthology began anew with Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy. There is also the wider DC Cinematic Universe to consider, where Batman sometimes plays a pivotal or background role but isn’t actually seen. While Batman never appeared in 2017’s Wonder Woman, he did instigate the film’s plot.

    Which is the best Batman movie of all time?

    Here goes the bomb! This may be the first modern Batman movie to see on screen. In this batman movie we have two big signature names: Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Tim Burton as director. In my opinion, 1989 Batman Movie was the best Batman movie made till that day. But it keeps getting better with every new Batman movie.

    How many Batman movies are there in the world?

    That film, and the three films that follow, really set the stage for the next 25 years, in which superheroes dominate the box office. Interestingly, three different actors play Batman in this “anthology”, and the films themselves vary in both theme and quality.