What musical is based on the songs of ABBA?

What musical is based on the songs of ABBA?

Mamma Mia!
(promoted as Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus’ Mamma Mia!) is a jukebox musical written by British playwright Catherine Johnson, based on the songs of ABBA composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, former members of the band.

What is an example of a jukebox musical?

Examples of such musicals include Boogie Nights (1998), Mamma Mia! (1999), We Will Rock You (2002), Hoy no me puedo levantar (2005), Bésame mucho, el musical (2005), Rock of Ages (2005), Daddy Cool (2006), Never Forget (2007), Viva Forever! (2012), All Out of Love (2018), and Jukebox Hero (2018).

What is the most popular jukebox musical?

Rock of Ages is one of the most popular of jukebox musicals. It opened its doors on Broadway in 2009 and it was shown 2328 times before opening in London in 2011. The show is about young musicians who were trying to become rock stars in 1987.

What band has a Broadway musical based on their music?

Saturday Night Fever. Though the Bee Gees currently have a musical in the works featuring their songs and life story, the band already featured heavily on Broadway in this adaptation of the hit 1977 film of the same name featuring its iconic score.

What makes a good jukebox musical?

If it’s a jukebox musical, especially if it’s a bio-musical, the most important thing is how that music connects to that artist’s life. That’s going to be literal, but it’s also going to be thematic and metaphysical.”

What is the longest-running jukebox musical in Broadway history?

As of 2020, the longest-running jukebox musical on Broadway to date is ‘Mamma Mia! ‘, a production which features ABBA’s vast song catalog. Written by British playwright Catherine Johnson, the title of the musical was taken from the group’s 1975 chart-topping song with the same name.

What is the longest-running musical on the West End?

Les Misérables
Les Misérables With some of the most recognisable songs in musical theatre, the classic story of Jean Valjean and revolutionary France is the longest-running musical in the history of the West End.

What is the longest running jukebox musical in Broadway history?

Which movie musical has the most Oscar wins?

“West Side Story” is a 1961 American romantic musical tragedy film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins.

What is the longest running musical in history?

The Fantasticks
The Fantasticks, 1960, m Harvey Schmidt, l Tom Jones (17,162) Longest-running musical in history.

What is the longest running play in history?

The Mousetrap
Known as the “world’s longest-running play,” The Moustrap has been running since 1952 and will celebrate 70 years in London in 2022. “It feels very symbolic that The Mousetrap will be amongst the first West End show to open its doors again,” said producer Adam Spiegel in a statement.

What was the first musical to ever win a Best Picture Oscar?

The Broadway Melody (1929) In fact, the very first movie to win Best Picture, Wings, is a silent film, but it still feels like it was made years after The Broadway Melody. Just check out this clip for the song “You Were Meant For Me”.

What is the best musical of all time?

The list

# Film Year
1 Singin’ in the Rain 1952
2 West Side Story 1961
3 The Wizard of Oz 1939
4 The Sound of Music 1965
musical based on abba songs
Musical based on ABBA songs
“Mamma ___!” (musical based on ABBA songs)

What 2001 musical is based on the music from ABBA?

Mamma Mia!, with a book by Catherine Johnson and music and lyrics from Benny Andersson and Bjrn Ulvaeus, is a musical based around the music from the band, ABBA, of which, Andersson and Ulvaeus were both members.

The 5 best jukebox musicals (and 5 that flopped)

  • ‘Mamma Mia!’
  • ‘Jersey Boys’ (2005 on Broadway)
  • ‘American Idiot’ (2009 on Broadway)
  • ‘Movin’ Out’ (2002 on Broadway)
  • ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ (2006 in Sydney, Australia)
  • ‘Lennon’ (2005 on Broadway)
  • ‘Good Vibrations’ (2005 on Broadway)
  • ‘Hot Feet’ (2006 on Broadway)

    Do any ABBA members appear in Mamma Mia?

    Ulvaeus and Andersson made cameos in both films. In “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” Andersson is once again seen playing the piano, this time in a restaurant while young Harry is trying to woo young Donna with a performance of “Waterloo.” Ulvaeus can be seen as one of the teachers at Donna’s graduation.

    What is the longest running jukebox musical?

    Was Mamma Mia the first jukebox musical?

    It wasn’t the first jukebox musical. Earlier examples include “Buddy — The Buddy Holly Story” and “Forever Plaid,” which repurposed music by ’50s “guy groups.” But “Mamma Mia!” kicked off a craze that shows no sign of slowing down.

    What kind of music is used in a jukebox musical?

    A jukebox musical is a stage musical or musical film in which a majority of the songs are well-known popular music songs, rather than original music. Some jukebox musicals use a wide variety of songs, while others confine themselves to songs performed by one singer or band, or written by one songwriter.

    Who are some famous people in a jukebox musical?

    Jukebox musical films of the first kind often feature famous pop stars and rock groups playing themselves, such as the Beatles in their narrative films, or in other cases playing as alter egos.

    Who are the members of ABBA in Mamma Mia?

    The jukebox musical Mamma Mia! premiered at the Prince Edward Theatre in London on April 6, 1999. It was written by Catherine Johnson, a British playwright based on one of the hits songs of ABBA with the same name. It was composed of the group’s two members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

    Where did most of the ABBA songs come from?

    Surprisingly, majority of the songs of ABBA are in English. ABBA conquered the hearts of music lovers in the U.S., UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland. The group was also successful in Latin America and released a collection of their greatest hits in Spanish.