What mediums did Keith Haring use?

What mediums did Keith Haring use?

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Haring was a significant factor in spreading an awareness of murals worldwide. The medium of choice for most mural and graffiti artists was spray paint. Although toxic to inhale it did not stop street artists using it to express themselves on a number of issues, both local and global.

What is Keith Haring style?

Pop art
Contemporary art
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How would you describe Keith Harings work?

The idea was not to everyone’s taste, but was supported by his staunch mentor, Andy Warhol. Haring’s work is characterised by the repetition of stylised shapes outlined in black and often filled with warm, bright colours (yellow, green, red, blue).

What do you need to know about Keith Haring?

To learn about Keith Haring’s art, specifically his art-making methods and his use of line and shape to create a symbolic language. To understand that line may be used expressively to represent emotions.

Why did Keith Haring use black lines in his drawings?

The drawing also gave him the courage to make more sex-explicit drawings which would talk on the issues of sex. He used black thick lines in most of his artworks and some argue that the use of the thick black lines was inspired by the hip hop in which the black thick lines were used to show the impact that the music had on the listeners.

What did Keith Haring do in the subway?

He drew it on lampposts, o the subway and on his artwork. Keith Haring brought his admiration of graffiti art and his love for drawing together in his subway drawings, illustrated in slide #3. He would ride the subway looking for one of the sheets of black paper used to cover the old subway ads.

What does the stick in Keith Haring symbolize?

Usually represents power and authority. It can also be a source of energy. Some art historians believe the stick may be connected to the artist’s paintbrush, but it does not literally represent this object in the narratives of the drawings.