What makes the reader feel sympathy for Scrooge when we see his childhood memories?

What makes the reader feel sympathy for Scrooge when we see his childhood memories?

Key character: Scrooge Scrooge’s response to being shown the countryside of his childhood is immediate: his lip trembles, there is a catch in his voice, and the Ghost suggests he is crying. This makes us more involved in the story and increases our sympathy for Scrooge.

Where do we feel sympathy for Scrooge?

There are clear parallels between the lonely Christmases of his childhood and Scrooge’s current lifestyle, “solitary as an oyster”, “thin lips blue”. We understand and sympathize with Scrooge when the ghost of Marley haunts him, Marleys ghost is a stereotypical Victorian ghost, rattling chains, wailing etc.

What is Dickens doing to the readers feelings for Scrooge in stave 2?

In stave two and three Dickens reveals Scrooge’s past by saying how he was left on his own at Christmas day also that his father didn’t want him. This explains to us why he hates Christmas now, this statement about his past makes us readers pity him. The fact that Scrooge “wept” shows him more as a real person.

What does Scrooge’s sister represent?

The only person in Scrooge’s family that means anything to his, is his sister, Fan. Fan represents all that is good in life. She was young and hopeful. Fan loved Scrooge and comes to get him to go home.

Why should we feel sympathy for Scrooge?

In the novella ‘A Christmas Carol’, Dickens creates sympathy for Scrooge by showing the reader who he used to be, who he could have been, and how people really feel about him. Scrooge tries to justify his change in personality by explaining how the money he earns will keep them out of poverty, leading to happiness.

Why do we feel sorry for Scrooge in stave 2?

Overall Sympathy is created throughout the second Stave in the book through the interaction between Scrooge and the other characters from his past as he realises that he could have done things much differently and possibly changed his outlook on life in general for the better.

What happens when Scrooge sees his sister?

She tells Scrooge that their father is a much nicer, gentler man now and wants his son to come home. You can see that Scrooge truly loves Fan. Fan dies as a young woman and has a son named, Fred. Scrooge loved his sister and her death left a hole in his heart and his life.

Why is Scrooge alone?

The Ghost of Christmas Past has shown Scrooge his loneliness as a child in order to display for the old miser the length of the road down which he has traveled to reach his current state of being.

Why does seeing his sister make Scrooge uneasy?

At this comment, the ghost “smiled thoughtfully.” When Scrooge sees his younger sister again, he again reflects on the present in comparison to the past. The ghost reminds him that his sister had a child, and Scrooge grows “uneasy in his mind” when thinking about how he treated his nephew when Fred asked him to dinner.

How did Fran die in Christmas carol?

Fanny Dickens did tragically die at only 38, from tuberculosis, but that was in 1848, five years after Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer’s sister was the one family member who loved him. He was no doubt saddened by her early death.