What is Tom Shadyac worth?

What is Tom Shadyac worth?

Tom Shadyac net worth: Tom Shadyac is an American director who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Tom is most famous for directing some of the most-successful comedy films of all time, including “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “The Nutty Professor”, “Liar Liar”, “Bruce Almighty”, and “Evan Almighty”.

How do I contact Tom Shadyac?

Call 1.866. 994.6343 NOW we’re on @SiriusXMIndie 102!

Is Evan Almighty a sequel to Bruce Almighty?

Evan Almighty
Bruce Almighty/Sequels

What is Tom Shadyac doing now?

Since essentially relocating from Malibu to Memphis close to five years ago, Tom Shadyac has established himself as a teacher, a mentor, a riverfront homeowner, a distributor of free bicycles, an employer and an investor in the economically disadvantaged Soulsville neighborhood, where he has located a climbing gym, a …

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What happened Tom Shadyac?

Diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, Shadyac fell into a paralyzing depression, spending days in the bedroom of his mobile home with the curtains taped shut. ”I couldn’t even make a phone call,” he says. ”Just going to the store was torture. I literally thought I was going to die — This is it, I’m done.

How long is the documentary happy?

1h 13m
Happy/Running time

Did they really build an ark for Evan Almighty?

The colossal 400-foot ark built for Universal Pictures’ “Evan Almighty” can be seen from at least a mile away, its imposing frame nestled into Old Trail Village in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. And the financial and social ripples from the current filming can be felt even farther out than that.

Did Evan Almighty use real animals?

‘Evan Almighty’ Is Most Expensive Comedy : NPR. ‘Evan Almighty’ Is Most Expensive Comedy Universal Pictures is set to release Evan Almighty this weekend, a big-ticket comedy that is a contemporary version of Noah’s Ark. Costing about $175 million to make, the movie uses many real animals.

What makes documentaries happy?

Happy is a 2011 feature documentary film directed, written, and co-produced by Roko Belic. It explores human happiness through interviews with people from all walks of life in 14 different countries, weaving in the newest findings of positive psychology.

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Call 1.866. 994.6343 NOW we’re on @SiriusXMIndie 102! On 2days show we’re discussing how we’re all at war w.

Who is the producer of Ace Ventura?

James G. Robinson
Gary BarberPeter Bogart
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective/Producers

What are some examples of Tom Shadyac movies?

Examples of other Shadyac films include his collaboration with Eddie Murphy on The Nutty Professor movie series; Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams; Dragonfly with Kevin Costner; and Evan Almighty, the sequel to Bruce Almighty with Steve Carell.

When did Tom Shadyac retire from comedic work?

In 2010, Shadyac retired from comedic work to write, direct, and narrate his documentary film I Am, that explores his abandonment of a materialistic lifestyle following his involvement in a bicycle accident three years earlier. Shadyac is a former professor of communication at Pepperdine University ‘s Seaver College.

When did Tom Shadyac graduate from UVA film school?

Shadyac graduated from UVA in 1981, and later received his master’s degree in film from the UCLA Film School in 1989, after completing the critically acclaimed short film Tom, Dick and Harry. Shadyac moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and, at age 24, was Hope’s staff joke writer.

What did Tom Shadyac write for Bob Hope?

After becoming the youngest-ever joke writer for Bob Hope, Tom Shadyac went on to write, direct and produce some of the most successful comedies of the late 1990s and early 2000s. He had his first big hit when he co-wrote and directed “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (1994), which helped turn Jim Carrey into a box office star.

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