What is the tone of A Tale of Two Cities Book 2?

What is the tone of A Tale of Two Cities Book 2?

The tone of the novel is fatalistic and foreboding. Throughout the novel, the narrator creates the sense that inevitable suffering lies ahead.

What happened Foulon?

Foulon had faked his own death to avoid the peasants’ fury but was later discovered hiding in the country. The revolutionaries set out to meet Foulon, led by Madame Defarge and a woman known only as The Vengeance. The mob strings Foulon up, but the rope breaks and he does not die until his third hanging.

What did Foulon tell the famished people?

“Does everybody here recall old Foulon, who told the famished people that they might eat grass, and who died, and went to Hell?” “Does everyone here remember old Foulon, who told starving people that they should eat grass, and who died and was sent to hell for it!” “Everybody!” from all throats.

What does Ernest Defarge tell the crowd at the wine shop?

1. Madame Defarge and The Vengeance are sitting in the wine-shop, knitting. 2. He tells them that Foulon has been captured.

How is Foulon’s punishment an example of poetic justice?

Foulon’s punishment is an example of poetic justice because of how he got what he deserved, and the peasants got what they wanted. 4. When Defarge says to his wife “At last it has come,” why does she not totally agree? Madame doesnt agree because she has her own plans of evil.

What crime did old Foulon commit?

Joseph-Francois Foulon was an actual person who orchestrated his own funeral and was later killed in the way Dickens describes. His mock funeral and subsequent capture conveniently tie in to the resurrection theme found throughout A Tale of Two Cities.

What is the symbol of the revolutionaries in a tale of two cities?

What is the symbol of the revolutionaries? Red caps to symbolize blood and being a revolutionary.

Why does carton ask Darnay for his friendship?

Why does Carton ask Darnay for his friendship? He wants his permission to visit their home occasionally. She wants Darnay to remember that Carton does have a good heart despite his many faults. She wants him always to treat Carton generously.