What is the surprise ending in Retrieved Reformation?

What is the surprise ending in Retrieved Reformation?

Henry gives another ironic twist to the ironic twist in “A Retrieved Reformation.” After Jimmy has exposed his true identity by using his safe-cracking tools to free the little girl from the bank vault, he finds himself facing arrest by the detective Ben Price.

How are the ending to a call loan and a Retrieved Reformation by O. Henry similar?

Henry similar? Both stories show the characters’ reactions at the end. Neither story resolves the conflict at the end. Both stories use a coincidence to resolve the conflict.

Does Price’s opinion of Jimmy change toward the end of the story or is his opinion the same as it was at the beginning of the story?

Towards the end of the story, Ben Price’s opinion changed completely. Despite Jimmy Valentine’s changed identity, Ben Price, correctly recognized Jimmy Valentine after the latter confirmed his true identity by unknowingly demonstrating his stylish ingenuity by opening the locked door.

What happened at the end of the story Jimmy Valentine?

After rescuing the girl from the vault when he realizes that everyone present there has come to know his real identity, he immediately decides to leave the place ignoring the call of Annabel from behind. But famous detective Ben Price appears there to arrest him and surprisingly Jimmy becomes ready to be arrested.

Who was O. Henry’s second wife?

Sara Lindsey Colemanm. 1907–1909
Athol Estesm. 1887–1897
O. Henry/Moglie
He posted bail, skipped town, and finally returned in 1897 when he learned that his wife was dying. Athol died on July 25, 1897, leaving him one daughter, Margaret Worth Porter (born in 1889). After O. Henry served his time in prison, he married Sarah Lindsey Coleman in Asheville, N.C. in 1907.

What killed O. Henry?

O. Henry/Causa della morte
In 1909, Sarah left him, and he died on June 5, 1910, of cirrhosis of the liver, complications of diabetes, and an enlarged heart. After funeral services in New York City, he was buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina.

Why does Jimmy write to his old friend Billy choose two options?

Why does Jimmy Valentine write a letter to his friend Billy? Jimmy needs Billy’s help cracking a safe. Billy asked for advice, and Jimmy is responding. Jimmy is going to give Billy his safe cracking tools.

What advice did the warden give Jimmy Valentine in the beginning of the story?

The advice the warden gives Jimmy Valentine is brief. “Now, Valentine,” said the warden, “you’ll go out in the morning. Brace up, and make a man of yourself. You’re not a bad fellow at heart.

Why did O. Henry die?

What is typical of O. Henry’s stories?

What is typical of O. Henry’s stories? Surprise endings, depict people as they are.

Why did Jimmy write a letter to his old pal?

Answer: In his letter to his old friend, Jimmy wrote that he wanted to meet him at Sullivan’s Place in Little Rock on Wednesday night at nine o’ clock. He wanted to present his old friend Billy his kit of tools which was impossible for anybody else to replicate.

How exactly does Jimmy get freed from his jail time?

Synopsis. Safecracker Jimmy Valentine was released from prison after serving less than ten months of a four year sentence, due to his criminal connections. He goes to his old apartment, packs up his tools, and leaves.

How does the story Retrieved Reformation end?

At the end of “A Retrieved Reformation,” Ben Price pretends not to recognize Jimmy, instead referring to him as Mr. Spencer.

How are the ending to a call loan and A Retrieved Reformation by O’Henry similar?

O. Henry/Wife
Also, who was O Henry’s second wife? In 1888, his wife gave birth to a premature son, who died a few hours later. Their daughter Margaret Worth Porter was born on September 30, 1889. Second wife Sara Lindsey Coleman was his childhood sweetheart.
O. Henry/Cause of death

How does the story A Retrieved Reformation end?

The story “A Retrieved Reformation” has a suspenseful ending. The story ends with Jimmy Valentine being left at the door of the bank by Ben Price after Jimmy cracks open the vault in which the little girl Agatha is locked in.

What was the surprise ending of O Henry’s ” A Retrieved Reformation “?

” A Retrieved Reformation ” is an excellent example of an O. Henry story because the reader is totally surprised. He believes that the expert safe-cracker Jimmy Valentine is sure to go to prison for doing something that is completely noble and unselfish. Jimmy has given up his life of crime. He is engaged to marry a lovely girl.

How did Jimmy Valentine change in a Retrieved Reformation?

Jimmy did not rob the bank. Walking towards the hotel, Jimmy encounters a beautiful young woman and falls in love with her. In an instance, there was a complete reformation of Jimmy. He changes himself and his mind too, he leaves his business of robbery for his love. 5. How did Jimmy with the help of the boy gathers information about Annabel Adam?

What was the tone of A Retrieved Reformation?

His unlikely reformation is “retrieved” by the detective most determined to arrest him. The tone of the story, with its gentle humor and sentimentality, is representative of much of O. Henry’s work. Although Jimmy Valentine has no intention of abandoning his life of crime, love magically transforms him in an instant.