What is the story behind the sound of music?

What is the story behind the sound of music?

The Sound of Music is an iconic film based on an iconic play that made its Broadway debut on this day in 1959. It chronicles the life of Maria von Trapp,whose aspiration to become a nun gets derailed when she becomes a governess to the von Trapp children. Both were based on the true story of Maria von Trapp’s life.

When was the original sound of music written?

It all started when Maria von Trapp decided to write a book about the adventurous life of the Trapp family. “The Story of The Trapp Family” was published in 1949 and it was not long before Hollywood wanted to buy the book title. As they only wanted to use the title without the story, however, Maria refused.

What was the real history of The Sound of Music?

Explore the true history behind one of the most popular films of all time, “The Sound of Music.”. The Trapp Family Singers on tour in 1940. (Credit: Imagno/Getty Images) In the climactic scene of “The Sound of Music,” the von Trapps flee Salzburg, Austria, under the cover of night and hike across the surrounding mountains to safety in Switzerland.

Who was the musical director of The Sound of Music?

As the family’s musical director, the priest crafted the von Trapps into professional singers. “He slowly but surely molded us into a real musical entity,” Maria von Trapp once said, according to Santopietro. After fleeing Austria with the von Trapps, Wasner toured with them through Europe and the United States.

When did Rodgers and Hammerstein start The Sound of Music?

It then came as no surprise when, in 1958, the successful team of Rodgers and Hammerstein came across Maria von Trapp’s memoirs and began working on a new musical, “The Sound of Music”.

Who was the father in The Sound of Music?

The father is a former captain and the mother died some time ago. Christopher Plummer plays captain Von Trapp, and he does a great job. Every member of the cast does a great job with their performances, both singing and non.