What is the significance of the Younger family name raisin in the sun?

What is the significance of the Younger family name raisin in the sun?

The Younger family name alludes to the young members of the family who have hope for a better future and desire to climb the social ladder along with the newer generation of African Americans as the Civil Rights Movement gains traction.

What is the younger family waiting for?

Hansberry’s book follows the Younger family The Younger family is waiting for a $10,000 life insurance check resulting from the father’s recent death. The windfall represents a kind of liberation to the family with the central conflict over how to spend the money.

What plans for the $10000 does each member of the family have in mind a raisin in the sun?

When the play opens, the Youngers are about to receive an insurance check for $10,000. This money comes from the deceased Mr. Younger’s life insurance policy. Each of the adult members of the family has an idea as to what he or she would like to do with this money.

What do you think will become of the younger family?

Answer: What became of the younger family was that the whole younger family reunites to achieve their dream of buying a house. Explanation: ‘Raising in the sun’ is a story about dreams and the main characters in the story struggles with the circumstances around them in a quest to achieve their dreams.

What are the major themes in a raisin in the sun?


  • The Value and Purpose of Dreams. A Raisin in the Sun is essentially about dreams, as the main characters struggle to deal with the oppressive circumstances that rule their lives.
  • The Need to Fight Racial Discrimination. The character of Mr.
  • The Importance of Family.

    What is Mama’s plan for the $10000?

    Both Lena and Ruth wish to use the money to move out of their cramped South Side apartment and buy a new, comfortable home for the family. This is why Mama is so protective of the money, and not willing to give it to Walter to open a liquor store with Bobo.

    What are the major themes in A Raisin in the Sun?

    What is the moral lesson of A Raisin in the Sun?

    Two of the major messages in Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun are to never let go of dreams and to recognize the importance of family.

    What does Mama say is dangerous What does this reveal about her?

    What does Mama say is “dangerous”? She says it is dangerous “when a man goes outside his home to look for peace.”

    What is Asagai’s nickname?

    When Asagai says goodbye, he calls Beneatha by a nickname, “Alaiyo.” He explains that it is a word from his African tribal language, roughly translated to mean “One for Whom Bread—Food—Is Not Enough.” He leaves, having charmed both women.

    What are mamas plans for the money?

    Mama feels guilty for his unhappiness and tells him that she has never done anything to hurt her children. She gives him the remaining $6,500 of the insurance money, telling him to deposit $3,000 for Beneatha’s education and to keep the last $3,500.