What is the purpose of Leper in a separate peace?

What is the purpose of Leper in a separate peace?

After he is blasted out of his insulated peace, Leper serves as a reminder of reality for the rest of the boys–especially for Gene. Leper is no longer a dreamy refuge from the violence of the world. Now he speaks truth, even when it hurts.

How is Leper introduced in a separate peace?

A quiet, peaceful, nature-loving boy, Leper shocks his classmates by becoming the first boy at Devon to enlist in the army; he shocks them again by deserting soon after. Leper’s descriptions of his wartime hallucinations constitute one of the novel’s darkest moments. …

Why does Gene yell at Leper?

Laughing hysterically and shouting angrily, Leper tells Gene that his experience has revealed a lot to him about himself and others — especially the “savage underneath” that lurks in Gene. Suddenly, he accuses Gene of deliberately causing Finny’s fall. In response, Gene rises angrily and kicks over Leper’s chair.

What does Leper mean when he calls Gene a savage underneath?

He means that Gene has stuck by Finny all along after the incident, even when it was painful to do so, and that Gene’s action was some blind impulse, and he wanted forgiveness for it, something a friend would care about.

What is the cleanest vision of war gene had ever seen?

To Leper it revealed what all of us were seeking: a recognizable and friendly face to the war…. It was the cleanest image of war I had ever seen… Gene explains how he and his friends reacted to the film of ski troops.

What did leper see right before the army personnel grabbed him?

Answer: Leper enlists after he sees the soldiers fighting on snow skis, he now sees race skiing as the evolution of skiing.

What kind of discharge did leper get?

In the war novel A Separate Peace the character Elwin “Leper” Lepellier gets a section eight discharge from the ski troops because he was hallucinating due to trauma.