What is the protector rated?

What is the protector rated?

The Protector [2006] [R] – 5.8.

Is the protector a good show?

The Protector (aka Hakan Muhafiz) is definitely a good show. However writers need to do a better job in building the relationships and the atmosphere..

Is the protector on Netflix worth watching?

One of the most worth watching Turkish series is The Protector. This drama reflects a story based on a Turkish novel published in 2016. The storyline involves a young shopkeeper who finds out that he has connections to a secret order from ancient times. The secret order can save Istanbul from an immortal enemy.

What language is the protector in?

The Protector/Sprachen

What happens to Leyla in the protector?

Unfortunately, along the way, Hakan lost the love of his life, Leyla (Ayça Aysin Turan) — Leyla was brought back to life using Immortal blood, which put her under the control of Faysal, who was determined to use her to kill Hakan — after she was stabbed by Loyal One Zeynep.

Is Leyla in Season 3 of the protector?

It’s confirmed that Ayça Ayşin Turan as Leyla Sancak is not appearing in season 3 as well. Other than that, Okan Yalabık and Mehmet Kurtuluş are all set to return with the addition of some new actors.

What happens to Layla in the protector?

Is Leyla in season 3 of the protector?

Is Leyla dead protector?

Faysal’s wife adds, “You have Faysal’s blood in your veins, which means he can control your mind. It will only grow stronger in time.” This means Leyla is an Immortal and, just like them, she can only be killed by the talismanic dagger in Hakan’s possession or by another Immortal.

Is Leyla in season 4 of the protector?

The featured cast members in the fourth season will be Cagatay as Hakan, Ayca Aysin as Leyla Sancak, Hazar Erguclu as Zeynep German, Mehmet, and many more.

Who killed Layla in the protector?

What happens to Leyla the Protector?

Is Leyla in Season 3 of the Protector?

Is Leyla dead in protector?

The original Protector is seen being murdered by an Immortal, who he had fallen in love with. This seemingly foreshadows what many fans predicted: that Leyla was resurrected, but as an Immortal. When we first see Leyla — very much alive — she is with Hakan at the hospital as Zeynep lies unconcious in the hospital.

Is Zeynep an immortal?

Moving on, Zeynep had become immortal due to the “cure”, compelled to obey Faysal’s wishes as a result of his blood pumping through her. Vizier discovers the role Faysal has played in her past downfall and Okhan learns that he had become a pawn.

Does Zeynep betray Hakan?

Moreover, Hakan and Zeynep Erman (Hazar Ergüçlü) have ended up together. This included betraying Hakan and taking the Immortals key from him while he was in the past as Harun trying to figure out how to defeat the Immortals.

Does Zeynep kill Leyla?

Is Hakan able to save Leyla? No. It seems the Immortals’ control over Leyla was too strong, even for the last Protector, and she attempted to stab him with the dagger, even after Hakan killed Piraye. Luckily for Hakan, Zeynep was there to stop Leya, but that means she had to die.

Does Hakan fall in love with Zeynep?

In the final moments of the series, it is revealed that Hakan is back to working at his adoptive father’s shop. He also is reunited with Zeynep, and the two finally get a happy ending together after seasons of having a will-they-won’t-they romance.

Is Zeynep a immortal?

How does Zeynep die?

Fast forward a few episodes, and in the season finale, Zeynep (Hazar Ergüçlü) was shot as she faced off against Faysal and his wife alongside Hakan.