What is the order of the spirits in A Christmas Carol?

What is the order of the spirits in A Christmas Carol?

In Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by four ghosts on Christmas Eve: Jacob Marley, and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Why does the Second Spirit take Scrooge to the Cratchit household?

Second, the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to the house of Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s employee. Scrooge had been invited to this celebration but rudely declined it. He watches as the friends play games and eat, and he gets so caught up in the games himself that he does not want to leave.

Who is the second of the three spirits?

Overview: The Ghost of Christmas Present is the second of the three Spirits to visit Scrooge in order to get him to change his ways. In the novel, the Ghost of Christmas Present appears as “a jolly giant” with dark brown curls. He has a fur-lined green robe and a wreath on his head with shining icicles.

Where does the second spirit take Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge, upset by hearing Belle’s description of the man that he has become, demands that the ghost remove him from the house. The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes Scrooge to a joyous market with people buying the makings of Christmas dinner and to celebrations of Christmas in a miner’s cottage and in a lighthouse.

Who is the ghost of Christmas present in A Christmas Carol?

“A tremendous family to provide for!” muttered Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Present rose. “Spirit,” said Scrooge submissively, “conduct me where you will. I went forth last night on compulsion, and I learnt a lesson which is working now.

What is the personality of the second Spirit in a Christmas present?

The second spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Present. He is kind, generous, with a hearty nature, and sympathy with all poor men. He is open and free and non-violent (his scabbard was empty as rusty) and sorrowful at the wickedness of Scrooge, and gentle, even in his rebukes. Home Science Math and Arithmetic

What does Scrooge tell Bob Cratchit about Christmas?

He tells Scrooge to beware the former above all and mocks Scrooge’s concern for their welfare. Scrooge and Bob Cratchit celebrate Christmas in an illustration from stave five of the original edition, 1843. The third spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, shows Scrooge a Christmas Day in the future.