What is the net rated?

What is the net rated?

The Net/MPAA rating

What year was the net made?

July 25, 1995 (USA)
The Net/Release date

What is the net about?

Computer programmer Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) starts a new freelance gig and, strangely, all her colleagues start dying. Does it have something to do with the mysterious disc she was given? Her suspicions are raised when, during a trip to Mexico, she’s seduced by a handsome stranger (Jeremy Northam) intent on locating the same disc. Soon Angela is tangled up in a far-reaching conspiracy that leads to her identity being erased. Can she stop the same thing from happening to her life?
The Net/Film synopsis

Where was the movie The Net filmed?

The Net was filmed in San Francisco’s Moscone Center and Macworld on January 5, 1995, as well as at Washington, D.C., locations in April 1995.

Why is speed rated R?

Mild for R rating. Pretty violent, but the real reason this got an R rating is the language. Violence 6/10: Mostly action violence, like explosions and shootings. However, there is one fairly bloody stabbing in the beginning, but nothing that wouldn’t pass in a PG-13.

How fast is speed rating S?

Tire Speed Ratings Safety

Speed Rating Maximum Speed
S Up to 112 mph
T Up to 118 mph
U Up to 124 mph
H Up to 130 mph

Does higher speed rating mean better tire?

The speed rating tells you the speed the tire can safely maintain over time. A higher speed rating usually means you will have better control and handling at higher speeds – and that the tire can take the extra heat. As a general rule, tires with higher speed ratings also handle better at slower speeds.

What does the S and T mean on tires?

S — Up to 112 mph. T — Up to 118 mph. H — Up to 130 mph. V — Up to 149 mph. W — Up to 168 mph.