What is the name on the grave that Scrooge sees?

What is the name on the grave that Scrooge sees?

Scrooge begs to know the identity of the dead man, exasperated in his attempts to understand the lesson of the silent ghost. Suddenly, he finds himself in a churchyard where the spirit points him toward a freshly dug grave. Scrooge approaches the grave and reads the inscription on the headstone: EBENEZER SCROOGE.

What page is Scrooge’s grave?

Scrooge discovers that the dead man is himself when he sees his name on the headstone. In A Christmas Carol, Stave 4, Scrooge is in denial. He has decided to reform himself, and he is actively looking for lessons. He wonders where his future self is.

Where does Scrooge see his dead body?

It takes Scrooge to see the dead body lying under a sheet in some dark room with no people around.

Who first visit Scrooge from the grave?

As promised by Marley’s ghost, Scrooge is visited as the bell tolls one o’clock by the first of three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past. The apparition is ‘a strange figure’ seeming to be both an old man and child.

Where does the ghost of Christmas present take Scrooge?

In stave three of A Christmas Carol , the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to the following places: They go first onto the streets of London where they see people, described as “jovial and full of glee,” as they prepare for Christmas. Next, to the “suburbs” where they visit the home of Bob Cratchit and his family.

Where does Scrooge visit many places in stave 3?

In stave 3 scrooge visits many places what are those places? Bob Cratchit’s house. His nephew Fred’s house. Scenes of poor in the streets still filled with the joy of Christmas.

What does Scrooge discover about the dead man at the end?

Scrooge gets many visions of the dead man. He realizes that no one is going to the dead man’s funeral. He also sees that the dead man’s servants have stolen his belongings, right down to the shirt he was going to be buried in.

Where do Scrooge and the spirit go after leaving Freds house?

After leaving Fred’s house, Scrooge and the spirit visit the Christmas celebrations taking place in hospitals, among the sick; in foreign lands where English people reside; with people who are struggling in poverty; in almshouses and jails where one would think that unhappiness would prevail.