What is the most successful Superman movie?

What is the most successful Superman movie?

The 10 Best Superman Movies, According To IMDb

  1. 1 Superman (1978) – 7.3.
  2. 2 The Death of Superman (2018) – 7.3.
  3. 3 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009) 7.2.
  4. 4 Man Of Steel (2013) – 7.1.
  5. 5 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010) – 7.1.
  6. 6 Superman VS.
  7. 7 All-Star Superman (2011) – 7.0.
  8. 8 Superman: Doomsday (2007) – 7.0.

Was there a Superman 5?

Results. There are four Superman films in the original franchise. Superman V was permanently cancelled. The Superman series was rebooted in 2006 with Superman Returns.

Why did Superman movies fail?

Sounds good on paper. It failed because audiences simply weren’t patient enough to sit through a movie where people don’t like Superman, and another movie where Batman tries to kill Superman. They don’t want to see him be the central character in a three-film saga of sadness; they want the man of tomorrow… today.

Will there ever be a good Superman movie?

There hasn’t been a good Superman movie since. And come this December, on the occasion of the Richard Donner-directed film’s anniversary, “since” will be going on 34 long years.

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Which actor played the best Superman?

Photo: Man of Steel/Warner Bros.

  1. Christopher Reeve. Photo: Superman / Warner Bros.
  2. Henry Cavill. Photo: Man of Steel / Warner Bros.
  3. Tom Welling. Photo: Smallville / The CW.
  4. Brandon Routh. Photo: Superman Returns / Warner Bros.
  5. Tim Daly.
  6. Tyler Hoechlin.
  7. George Newbern.
  8. George Reeves.

Is Kara stronger than Superman?

1 Yes, Supergirl Is, In Fact, Stronger Than Superman Although both of them share the same weaknesses and strengths, Kara seems to have a higher potential. If someone angers Supergirl, she can go on an absolute rampage, destroying everything in her wake just like Superman— but better.