What is the most important scene in The Godfather?

What is the most important scene in The Godfather?

Vito’s Revenge (The Godfather Part II) One of the most cathartic moments in The Godfather trilogy, this scene shows Vito exacting revenge on the man who robbed him of his innocence as a child. When he was around 10 years old, Don Ciccio murdered his family for not being able to pay the tribute.

Why is The Godfather Part 2 so good?

At the end of the day “The Godfather Part II” enhances our understanding and appreciation of the legendary characters presented in the original film. It surpasses it, in part, because it manages to make its predecessor even better.

Which is better the Godfather Part 1 or 2?

While the first “Godfather” was more of a nostalgic experience, the sequel has more heart, even though the second film is darker than the first. For the “Godfather” movies, Willis created a yellow tone for the films that has been copied in just about every movie that’s a period piece.

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What is so special about the Godfather?

It made Italians seem like more fully realised people and not stereotypes… it helped Italianise American culture.” The Godfather also changed the star system of the 1970s. As Don Vito Corleone, Marlon Brando won the Best Actor Oscar (which he refused), and was returned to leading man status.

What year was the original Godfather?

The Godfather, American gangster epic film, released in 1972, that was adapted from the 1969 best-selling novel by Mario Puzo and has been regarded as a masterpiece since its release.

Why is the godfather rated R?

The Godfather is rated “R” by the motion picture industry for mafia-related violence, language and a scene containing very brief nudity.

Is The Godfather worth watching in 2020?

Unless your taste in movies is strictly different (say, you don’t like exceptional acting, amazing dialogues and marvelous dialogue delivery, intense plot and an insight to the mafia world), The Godfather series is definitely worth watching!

What is often considered the greatest movie ever made?

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) was voted the greatest film of all time by Empire readers in “The 201 Greatest Movies of All Time” poll undertaken in March 2006. Titanic (1997) was voted the greatest hit of all time in a poll of 6,000 movie fans conducted by English-language newspaper China Daily in March 2008.

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Why did they kill Paulie in Godfather?

In the Godfather, did Paulie and Carlo actually join the conspiracies for which they are killed? In the Godfather, the Corleone family kill two of their own. Sonny kills Paulie for his role in the hit on Vito. And Michael kills Carlo for his role in the hit on Sonny.

Is the God Father 18+?

Characters are shot and killed, often at close range in graphic scenes. The movie also has cigarette smoking, wine drinking, and brief nudity (female breasts), and characters are shown having sex, clothed but audible. There are some references made to the sexual behaviors of Sonny and Fredo.