What is the inciting incident in A Separate Peace?

What is the inciting incident in A Separate Peace?

Secondly, the inciting incident (and indeed the conflict) in the story is when Gene shakes (doesn’t shake?) the tree in order for Finny to fall off and hurt his leg.

What happens between gene and Quackenbush?

Quackenbush begins to insult him, implying that Gene must be working as a manager because he cannot row; indeed, as Gene knows, disabled students usually fill such positions. Gene hits Quackenbush hard and they start to fight and fall into the river. Gene pulls himself out and Quackenbush tells him not to come back.

Why is it antisocial for Finny to wear a pink shirt?

Phineas decides to wear the pink shirt as “an emblem”. He says vaguely that he heard that the Allies “bombed Central Europe for the first time the other day”, so he feels he must “do something to celebrate”. Since the boys do not have a flag they can “float…

What happens when Finny and Gene are on the tree limb and gene begins to lose his balance?

Close to the trunk, Gene jounces the limb and watches Finny lose his balance and fall heavily to the bank. Then Gene walks out onto the limb and jumps easily into the river. It begins, too, with Finny coming to life as Lazarus and ends with the tragic fall that destroys his life.

What is the summary of A Separate Peace?

Gene Forrester is a careful, studious young man, full of fear of the future. As America is about to enter World War II, Gene attends summer school at Devon in New England. There he meets a remarkable young man whose love for life defies the reality of draft boards and battleships and challenges the adult world.

What is the significance of the opening scene in A Separate Peace?

To me, the opening implies that Gene has found inner peace. When he sees the stairs, they don’t look any different to him. But when he gets to the tree it seems much smaller. This implies that he’s okay now with what happened in the tree and it doesn’t haunt him anymore.