What is the importance of Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol?

What is the importance of Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol?

Through manner and deeds, Old Fezziwig symbolizes all that is charitable and good within humankind, and he serves as not only a mentor in Scrooge’s past, but a guide for Scrooge’s future. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Fezziwig symbolizes all that Scrooge is not.

Why does Dickens use sibilance in A Christmas Carol?

Dickens uses this simile to emphasise how Scrooge locks himself away from society, alone and unwelcoming. The use of sibilance adds a sinister tone. Dickens is suggesting to the reader that money does not make you happy.

What does the lighthouse represent in A Christmas Carol?

The purpose of taking Scrooge to the solitary lighthouse and ship is to illustrate the powerful nature of the Christmas spirit and demonstrate the uplifting, hopeful essence of the holiday, which fills the hearts of the most desperate people with joy and satisfaction.

What does Scrooge’s gravestone represent?

Scrooge’s Gravestone: Shown to him by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the gravestone symbolizes Scrooge’s potential fate if he does not change: a lonely death, inconsequential to those who know him.

Why is Scrooge an old sinner?

Dickens quite openly expresses his opinion of Scrooge (this is called authorial intrusion) when he sums the money lender up as ‘a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! ‘. From the start, Dickens judges Scrooge, aligning him with wickedness and influencing his readers to mistrust him.

Where all does the Ghost of Christmas Present take Scrooge?

Where does the Ghost of Christmas present take Scrooge? He is taken to the Cratchet house, the city, Fred’s house, a ship, lighthouse, sub-urban streets, miners, almo houses, and a hospital. You just studied 27 terms!

Who do the Cratchit represent?

The Cratchit symbolise the poor. In contrast to Scrooge who is rich and lonely, the Cratchits are poor but rich in love and affection. The family are used to show that family and relationships are more likely to bring happiness than money. They symbolise a perfect family.

What does Ebenezer Scrooge mean by Laocoon?

In which Ebenezer Scrooge describes himself as “making a perfect Laocoön of himself with his stockings,” a reference to the statue, as Scrooge is in such a great rush to get dressed that he becomes entangled in his clothes.

What was the meaning of the death of the Laocoon?

The two versions have rather different morals: Laocoön was either punished for doing wrong, or for being right. The death of Laocoön was famously depicted in a much-admired marble Laocoön and His Sons, attributed by Pliny the Elder to the Rhodian sculptors Agesander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus, which stands in the Vatican Museums, Rome.

What is the significance of the Laocoon reference in a.dickens?

In his hurrying he entangles himself in his stockings, making the allusion to the statue of Laocoon, which depicts the Trojan as being entangled by serpents. This is an extremely sophisticated allusion which brings up an excellent image, and is typical of Dickens, a master writer Home Science Math and Arithmetic

What are the morals of Laocoon and his sons?

The two versions have rather different morals: Laocoön was either punished for doing wrong, or for being right. The snakes are depicted as both biting and constricting, and are probably intended as venomous, as in Virgil. Pietro Aretino thought so, praising the group in 1537: